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Election Views #15


For a long time the Trump campaign made a big deal about the fact that Clinton didn’t have any press conferences; this despite the fact that she gave many interviews and issued many position papers, while Trump supporters claimed that Trump was talking to everyone. Well, he was talking to a lot of people, he wasn’t saying much, certainly not much about what he would do for the country if he became president. “I’ll make America Great Again,” is not a statement of purpose; it’s just hot air based on a false premise.

Now the race has gotten down to the nitty-gritty and things have changed drastically. Over the past month Trump has retreated into what Al Sharpton calls a Fox news bubble. In September he appeared on the tube 15 times, 13 of them on Fox news. There had been a time when he was on Morning Joe on MSNBC almost every day. Now he seems to have abandoned Scarborough’s talkfest entirely. Is it because Scarborough is asking hard questions or attacking him for his unacceptable behavior or is it because it’s just easier going on shows like Hannity where the fawning host kneels and kisses his ring.

After claiming that Hillary had not had many news conferences he has now subscribed to the same prescription. Since July he has had no news conferences while Clinton has had 10. Why has Hillary suddenly come out with a vengeance? Maybe it’s because the media has finally realized that outside a few Trump fanatics and themselves, no one really has any interest in what she did with her emails. The FBI said she was careless but not criminal and that’s good enough for most of the general public.

Trump, on the other hand has spent so much time on Twitter, making noise about sensational but irrelevant issues that he has forced the honest part of the media to question him constantly on subjects he doesn’t want to talk about. His birther disaster, his racist views on Mexicans, Muslims and practically anyone who isn’t white and fat with orange hair have forced most of the media to delve into these areas which actually have nothing to do with any presidential policies but which definitely have a great deal to do with his ability to act as a reasonable adult.

His affinity to Fox News is completely understandable when one looks at what has happened to that pathetic mess under the ownership of Rupert Murdock. This is an organization that employs the likes of Sean Hannity a supposed newsman who has surrendered his position in the news business to become an out and out Trump sycophant. Then there’s Chris Wallace, who Trump says he likes and why not? Wallace, who is going to be moderating the third debate, has already stated that he will not be fact checking the candidate’s statements, thereby giving Trump, who lies a minimum of 60% of the time, a decided advantage.

Then, of course there’s Roger Ailes, Trump’s latest political tutor. Ailes had been head of the network but was recently deposed for groping the secretaries and offering better on camera jobs to female reporters who reported to his office wearing kneepads. Of course, it’s understandable why Ailes acted like the pervert he is. When you stand next to Jabba the Hut and Jabba looks like the charming leading man, you have to resort to the lowest sort of behavior to get any action at all.

So this is the organization that is backing Trump. Actually it looks a lot like him; misogynistic, bigoted and overrun with perverted dishonesty. It’s a place where Trump can feel safe, a place where they never put him on the spot, where all they throw at him are softballs, and where he never has so worry about anyone asking him any questions he can’t answer. And when he does answer a question with one of his frequent lies, he doesn’t have to worry about being called on it.

The trouble with this is that he is always speaking to the choir. He already has these viewers in his corner. He won’t pick up any independents watching this universally scorned network. He also won’t get any experience in defending the lies he depends on when no one calls him on them. That’s what happened in the first debate.


Trump’s taxes burst onto the scene again when the NY Times published a copy of a 21 year old return that showed he lost $918 million bucks that year on mismanaged and incompetently run casinos, construction projects, Trump Airlines and other investments. According to tax law he was able to deduct that loss against earnings for the next 18 years. What that means is that until he showed total of $918 million in profits accumulated over, as many years as that would take, he would pay no taxes. The reality of that is that he probably, long ago ate up that loss in new income and that it no longer applied to his taxes, but who knows how many times in subsequent years he suffered significant losses. The $916 million loss puts the lie to his bragging about what a good businessman he claims to be.

So, before you start ranting about how this rich guy didn’t pay any taxes, know this. According to tax law, he has to claim deductions for that loss. If he didn’t claim the deductions, partners or stockholders in any companies that might have benefited from taking them could sue him. That’s not the problem.

The problem is that over the years Trump has railed against others who took advantage of the same loopholes to save their taxes.

“The hedge fund guys are getting away with murder…they make a fortune and pay no tax. It’s ridiculous, OK?”

Face the Nation 8/25/15. He could have been talking about himself.

The point here is that Trump did the right thing from a business point of view but in attacking others who did the same thing he proves that he is a degenerate hypocrite. The other point is the tax code is a disaster and has to be fixed. Immediately!

What Trump did was legal. If everybody were in the same position as he, we would collect no taxes and we would have no roads, electricity, police, fire departments, clean water, railroads, airports, etc. In order to fix this problem we must change the tax code so that it eliminates all these perks that are available only to the already wealthy. The fact is, if Trump is elected he will never change the tax code but if Hillary is elected she will. It’s that simple.


Donald Trump is trying to cover the fact that he has no knowledge of what is going on in the rest of the world and even less about what to do about it. So he decided to bring aboard another of his comical surrogate choices, a man who has screwed the pooch in any number of countries around the world but mostly in the Middle East. His name is Joseph Schmitz, another potential black mark on Trump’s already tarnished reputation. Schimtz has been linked to the, since debunked, Blackwater mercenary operation and corruption at the Department of Defense and now even more closely to al-Qaeda.

In 2014 when he was an executive at Blackwater Worldwide Schmitz was involved in a shady deal to sell a cache of 70,000 Russian assault weapons and the ammunition for them to the al-Nursa Front, an al-Qaeda spin-off. The guns were in Ukraine and the deal fell apart when the CIA stepped in and instructed Schmitz to back off. It was one of those situations where an offer was made that couldn’t be refused. He had planned to sell the arms to a unit of the Free Syrian Army commanded by General Salim Idris who frequently bragged about his ties to ISIS.

Prior to his venture into criminal arms dealing, Schmitz had held a high position in Bush/Cheney’s Dept. of Defense but had been forced to resign that job in disgrace when his involvement in several corrupt and/or nefarious deals came to light, Yeah, Donald, this is exactly the right kind of guy you need to guide you through the swamp of international intrigue. With any luck, you’ll end up as an alligator’s dinner.


Question for Gary Johnson former governor of New Mexico. What is Aleppo?

A- a resort town on the banks of the Adriatic Sea

B-A small car that is currently taking market share from the Smart Car

C- An East Asian disease spread by the fantail mosquito

D-A town in Syria currently occupied by many drug addicts

E-None of the above

If this isn’t the end of Johnson’s campaign it certainly should be. This is a man who is taking votes from the real candidates and he knows nothing of foreign policy and very little about anything else. Ask him to name his favorite foreign leader. It’s time for Johnson to stop wasting people’s money, stop distracting from the real candidates and go back where he came from.


A lot of noise has been made lately about Hillary calling a big bunch of Trump’s followers, “deplorables”. Does that really bother you? Okay… if it does, what adjective woukd you use to describe a bunch of Neanderthals that are bigots, misogynists and hate mongers and follow an egomaniacal sociopath who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it were shoved down his throat?

This herd of the least viable American’s is all bent out of shape because Hillary called it like it is. Sure, there are Trump followers who mistakenly think he will help them get a job that no longer exists, but there is another large group that isn’t dumb enough to buy that con. They follow, because they see a fellow traveler who hates everyone who isn’t them and wants to keep anyone who would like to come here and share the American dream from doing so. These are the haters, the bigots and the misogynists and they do fit the description; deplorable.


The GOP supplicants who are still trying to advance Trump’s candidacy, never a group to invigorate any thought process, have come up with a ludicrous argument for why we should not be considering his uncivilized behavior or his un-presidential character. Mary Matalin and Alex Castelanos speaking on This Week, spoke to the fact that we should ignore Trump’s lack of moral or human qualities and look to the important stuff, like foreign and domestic policy. Really? Do these clowns really want to go in that direction? Other than the drugged out Gary Johnson, Trump probably has less knowledge of the very areas his surrogates want us to consider than anyone who has ever run for office in the United States. But it still seems to be an area where the Right loves to circle the wagons. Later in he same morning, millions watched Chuck Todd undress and humiliate Rudy Giuliani in his defense of Trump’s behavior and his desire to have us regard Trump as a knowledgeable politician

What Trump has brought to the political table is gigantic ego, an overblown sense of lowest common denominator showmanship, the polished craft of a con man, blowhard demagoguery and a dogged but misplaced belief in his own omniscience. What he hasn’t brought is any knowledge or even interest in the real problems of the county, the people or the world we exist in. He is liar, a crook, an egomaniacal sociopath and a degenerate pervert. None of these are character traits that point to being the president of the greatest nation in the world. They don’t even present as being descriptive of a normal adult.