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What Doth It Prophet a Man?

by The Urban Curmudgeon on February 13th, 2018

Donald Trump keeps telling us about what a great businessman he is and how he gets things done cheap and efficiently. Well the news has come out that Air Force One, the President’s plane is getting two refrigerators replaced. Cost- $24 million! That’s right, it’s not a misprint. Who’s selling them to us, Ivanka?


Mark Burns, a traitorous black evangelical preacher went at it in a feckless debate with Al Sharpton recently. It wasn’t the first time that these two have gone head to head in debate over Burns’ hero, Donald Trump and it probably won’t be the last. I call Burns a traitor, not to this nation, although many believe that any supporter of Trump is a traitor to the United States, but to his black heritage. Trump is by his actions and speech, a self- stated racist and bigot who has made it quite clear that he wants a white America, which makes Burns a traitor to both his own race and all of America. What’s really amazing is the fondness that both Sharpton and Burns claim for each other. I have friends with whom I strongly disagree on many subjects including politics but when that disagreement reaches the point where I feel my friend is injuring my country, my family or other friends, that friendship ends.

There are limits to friendship and they are all wrapped up in how it interacts with the other elements to which we are all exposed in a very complicated world. But why I am not surprise by this friendship? Well, both men are evangelical preachers. Sharpton will tell us he is not, but anyone who saw him emerging from the shadows with the Tawana Brawley scandal knows what I say to be true. Burns makes no bones about his love and support of Donald Trump and therein lays the reason for all black people, indeed all people of any race or ethnicity to abandon him.

There is a very large grouping of true believers in this country that follow the evangelical movement. Those who can think for themselves often wonder why. That is not what is relevant. What’s relevant is that this movement of people who are searching for a way that works for them has traditionally been conned and cheated by their religious leaders and pseudo prophets from day one all the way up to the current Pat Robinson and his degenerate son.

When I was in college in South Bend, Indiana it was a slow time for that entertainment failed city, so on Thursday nights a few friends and I would go down to the South Bend Gospel Tabernacle to watch Oral Roberts and his traveling magic show. Oral was a great showman and the consummate con man. South Bend in the mid-fifties was collapsing in a landslide of failing businesses. Studebaker, Singer Sewing Machine and Bendix were all in a state of collapse throwing thousands of workers out of their jobs. Thousands of men and women who had grown up with some kind of belief system were now grasping for anything that would help them as they watched their lives collapse. Sound familiar? They flocked to see the magic of Roberts as he clasped his hands to the heads of kneeling followers and screamed. “BELIEVE!” to the skies – and they did. They believed enough to take money that they desperately needed to feed their kids and pour it into the baskets circulated by Robert’s henchmen.

I was, even though I went to one of the great Catholic Universities in the world, already a disaffiliated non-believer. For me, this view of the rest of the religious world was like, gave me an insight into religion’s unholy grasp of believers all over the world. And so it is with Mark Burns and his ilk. They follow Trump, not because there is any possible good that could flow down from his Presidency to their congregation, but because there is personal gain for them, just like there was personal gain when Oral bilked the suckers on Thursday nights at the South Bend Gospel Tabernacle. Oral didn’t care that the money those poor suckers were dropping into his baskets equaled food they were taking out of the mouths of their children. All he cared about was that it would provide gold hubcaps to replace the chrome ones on his Cadillac.

Those people should have known better, you say! Maybe they should have but they were desperate, so desperate that they would follow anyone who had a message of hope and that’s what Roberts sold. Big time! Hope was the order of the day but hope didn’t come cheap or at all if you didn’t. “Give ‘till it hurt.” They had to starve their children to get it. Burns followers have to abandon their moral values and sell their souls to get it today.

Sharpton asked Burns one simple question and Burns couldn’t answer it. How do you, as someone who pretends to be a man of God, follow the lead of a man who has no morals or Christian values at all. There may be no accusation that will ever bring a phony like Burns to a moment of grace but that one sure stirred the fear of God into him. He reacted by vomiting out a non-stop, nonsensical plethora of verbiage that made no sense. Of course it wasn’t intended to. It, like most of what comes out of the con man mouths of evangelical preachers was intended to distract from anything except, “give me money” or “give me what I want.” In that, they are all just like Trump, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that despite his lack of any kind of moral value, they support him. Most support him because it gives them what he is also searching for. A white America! For Burns it’s prestige. The fat little black kid is now hobnobbing with the President. How many of his friends can say that? —How many want to?


The President, in his ever-expanding search for controversy to camouflage the reality of most of his badly thought out positions has gone in deep over the tape that was discovered of a conversation about their dislike of Trump between two FBI agents who were obviously in a relationship. They were both immediately fired but that didn’t stop Trump and his degenerate backers from brewing up a huge conspiracy theory of political prejudice in the FBI and how they were all out to get the President. This is pure unadulterated bullshit! It’s not just that every human being over the age of eight is aware that the FBI, like most militaristic organizations, leans to the Right, but that their history, right up to the handling of Hillary’s emails during the last election has shown them to be anything but liberal.

The real point is that everyone is politically biased because to not be, is to be so in a fog that you don’t have the ability to think or make a decision. Yes, some people are on the fence because they can see a volume of information that supports both sides of a given question but as thinking humans we make decisions based on evidence or feelings on everything that comes before us. We, therefore have opinions, not always correct, about everything. So the expectation that agents of the FBI or the CIA or the Department of Sanitation don’t have political opinions is brain dead. Of course they do – and they should. What they shouldn’t do, and there is no evidence that these two FBI agents violated this prohibition, is to allow these opinions to affect their work. And there is no proof that they did. The fact is, the FBI director acted too swiftly in firing them. The fact is, he did it to squash the obvious reaction from the Right that he could see coming. But the fact also is, that he probably should have told the Right to hold its water and done some serious due diligence into whether or not these two people had, in any way, overstepped the boundaries laid down for them or done anything at all to act with prejudice toward Trump or any of the borderline criminals working for him. There are many of us who think that Trump should already be in jail just for the lifetime of criminal and anti-social activity he has propagated against the world in general. But these agents didn’t do anything untoward to advance that notion. To that end, they were very restrained. They should be rewarded, not fired just to soothe the phony outrage of the Right

Donald Trump has often boasted that if he shot someone 5th Avenue, members of his base wouldn’t care. That might be true about that pathetic collection of undereducated trash, but on the other hand; if someone shot him, the other 70% of the population wouldn’t stop picking up their dog’s droppings long enough to call 911.


In 2016 we had an election in this country and the Russians interfered with it. Whether or not their interference was successful or whether it helped Donald Trump is not, except in Trump’s twisted mind, the point. The point is, every intelligence service in this country and most of those in the free world agree that Russia was involved in trying to influence how the American people selected their President. This is not opinion or conjecture. This is hard fact and those who refuse to accept if are either living lives that are opposed to truth or have a very heavy political ax to grind.

But instead of accepting Russia’s interference in our election and striving to uncover how it was accomplished and how we can keep it from happening again, a substantial segment of the Republican Party have joined the President in attacking those who are trying to uncover the facts of Russia’s unacceptable interference.

So instead of doing their jobs and finding out how to stop the Russians from continuing this incursion on our sovereignty, a significant group of Republican congressmen, led by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, and employing the likes of Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, Ron Johnson and Tom Cotton have abandoned their franchise and are busy attacking the very justice department agents who are tasked with investigating the abuse.

Why have they done this? Because we are infected by a President who thinks the Justice Department is his own private police agency and that its only function is to protect and serve him. He does not understand that the Justice Department is a government agency set up to protect all the people, not just him. The Special Prosecution set up to investigate the Russian incursion is now spreading its web to include both White House collusion with the Russians and obstruction of justice involving that investigation. Trump and his cabal of brutally ignorant assistants have lied so often, about so many things that are so easily proven to be untrue, that whether or not he was complicit with the Russians to subvert our election system is almost irrelevant. And it’s Trump’s fault that it is. His foolish actions have brought an insect like swarm of GOP lice out of the closet, battling the justice department along with each other to see who can be the one that saves our lying President from himself.

Trump’s idiotic and egomaniacal announcement last week that he would welcome a session with Mueller and his investigators and t he would be eager to testify under oath has thrown the entire administration into a panic. This buffoon who cannot tell the truth about the time of day, who cannot finish a sentence without including a lie, wants to sit before a man or group of men who will ask him questions concerning his past actions, about which, he will have sworn to tell the truth? This will be catastrophic. It has already been proven, over and over again, that Trump is ridiculously easy to bait. Even a medium level investigator should be able to drive him into a rage that will produce enough felonious lies or just true statements of a magnitude that will show him to be guilty of everything this side of child molestation, even if he isn’t.

Mueller will bring men to the table that will push Trump and his childlike temperament off the deep end. The best thing that Trump will be able to look forward to is his impeachment. And that children, is why the GOP cannot allow this to happen. That’s why they are circling the wagons and dragging to the fore, a plague of vermin, low enough to be willing to abandon all moral values and do, no matter how degenerate, that which needs to be done to drag this Presidential disgrace up out of the mire of his own lies and moral degeneracy to enable him to fight a battle to retain his seat in the Oval Office.

It has been decided by these men who will live in infamy, that the road to this goal is only possible if they can inject a seed of disbelief in the national view of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department in general. To save this useless, un-American Presidency, they are willing to lie about situations that will put our entire Justice Department in peril. Trump cares nothing about how this will affect the nation. He has already proven that he cares only for his own wants and his own wealth. He will abandon anyone and everyone if it serves his needs. That’s what these poor fools have failed to realize. The moment Trump feels that they are, in any way, endangering his position, he will throw them off the cliff; just another sacrifice to the ego that walks like a man.






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