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The GOP Screws America – Again

by The Urban Curmudgeon on December 16th, 2017


The House Judiciary Committee hearing into God knows what, continued yesterday and the gloves came off as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the political hacks that masquerade as congressmen. But it wasn’t a hearing, it was a lynch mob made up of Trumpian sycophants who attacked Rosenstein and Bob Mueller with the nastiest partisan vitriol I have so far seen in a congressional hearing. These grimy punks have given up any sense of balance or functional investigation and are going right for the throat of Mueller. These cheap clowns in congressional disguise obviously recognize the fact that Mueller has already gotten three indictments from Trump’s appointments and is zeroing in on more. That scares the hell out of them. The crooks Mueller is catching broke the law but that means nothing to these Trump apologists. The count so far includes Trump’s National Security Director, his campaign manager and one of his top foreign policy people. They have all pled guilty to charges but still these partisan GOP assholes don’t want to recognize the importance of what Mueller is doing.

These traitors seem to have forgotten that the reason the people of this country are spending millions on this investigation is to find out what the Russians did to invade our elections and weather or not Donald Trump was involved. All of the Republicans on the panel seem to have abandoned that goal and are only interested in stopping Mueller from getting to the point where he will have irrevocable evidence that Trump acted to obstruct justice and colluded with the Russians to subvert our elections.

These GOP committee members are the scum who backed a degenerate like Trump just to keep a Democrat out of the White House. These are the same jackasses who backed a child molester just so the Democrats wouldn’t get another Senator elected. These are men who have sold out their honor; their honesty and their country for a political party that is interested only is placating its rich donors.

Just look at them; old, pasty white vampires, living off the blood of their fanatic voters and doing it to gain more gold from their rich backers. They are the antithesis of what made this country great. They are the bloodsuckers that will eat their young. I was once a Republican. I left the party years ago because I realized that it was a party based on cannibalizing everyone, even its supporters, just to maintain its own position in the power structure of the nation. Right now, GOP policy is the policy of greed. It looks to help no one but rich donors. It looks only to promote agendas that allow its own to rise to power.

When a Republican President’s policies of deregulation allowed the greediest among us to cheat everyone and crash the economy no one in the GOP stepped forward and tried to stop him. And when a newly elected president who just happened to be black and a Democrat jumped in to stop the flood of lost jobs and stolen homes, the greedy GOP fought him every step of the way. When that same President jammed through an admittedly flawed health care system, those same greedy slobs, instead of helping to fix it, fought him all the way. After all, their rich clientele didn’t need healthcare and who gave a shit about he people who did.


The NY Times recently did a report on Trump’s penchant for lying about everything. They didn’t count exaggerations or misstatements or the stuff that was close to a lie but wasn’t a whopper. They totaled up 124 lies so far this year. That’s 124 lies so big and so obvious that they cannot possibly be misconstrued. Of course the Trump supporters came after the Times and whined that every President lies. So the Times went through all the Obama speeches and statements in the eight years he was in office and they came up with 18 lies. That means that Obama lied about twice a year while Trump is lying at a rate of 124 per 11 months. Do you get the picture?

Yes that’s right! Our current president is the biggest liar in history of the Presidency. Hell, he’s the biggest liar since Pinocchio. But not only does he lie. When he’s questioned on a lie he doubles down on it. None of the doubling down was counted so the 124 lies are really hundreds and hundreds of lies. In fact it’s hard to find a Trump statement that doesn’t have some level of untruth in it. That’s who the dumb or the immoral people in America voted for as their President. Now those people may not have gotten smarter but they sure as hell have gotten pissed off; so much so, in fact, that they are discarding Trump at an amazing rate. His approval rating is now down to 32%, the lowest of any President in the history of such polls.

Trump has just about destroyed the Republican Party, mainly because they were stupid enough to follow him down the rabbit hole. Whereas before the 2016 election they held a majority of governorships and local legislators jobs. They have now fallen out of favor, because they are blindly following Trump to the tune of 31% approval rating as opposed to the Democratic approval rating of 61%. That is as big a gap as there ever has been. That is enormous and bodes badly for the GOP in the 2018 elections.

You can say that his base should blame Trump for their predicament, but they can really blame only their own greed and stupidity. Their President backed a child molester in the Senatorial election in Alabama. Normally, it is almost impossible for a Democrat to get elected in Alabama. In fact the Democrats didn’t even run anyone in the last Senatorial election because they knew it was futile. This time they won, not because they did everything right or had a world class candidate but because the GOP did everything wrong and had what may be the worst candidate in American political history.


When Donald Trump ran for office he promised the people of this country that he was going to fight the moneyed establishment and help them improve their lives. So how did he do this? By backing a failed health care plan that would kick 24 million off the health care rolls and now by backing a tax reform bill that will help big business and the already rich while it balloons the deficit by $1.3 trillion. But as if adding to our already overstuffed deficit wasn’t bad enough, the real result of this horrendous tax bill is even worse because once we balloon the deficit we will be giving the phony conservatives an excuse not to spend any money on the things that are really important to anyone with even a smidgeon of intelligence.

What this awful bill means is millions losing their health care, no new money for any kind of education and absolutely no money for infrastructure. All so a few billionaires can make even more money than they already do. All so the distance between millionaires and regular people who have to struggle to keep heir heads above water grows larger and larger every day. This is what the irresponsible Republicans are calling a middle class tax bill. Who could even imagine what a rich person’s tax bill would look like? Everyone who made under a hundred thousand a year would be sold into slavery.

Considering that two GOP Senators are indisposed by illness it looked like Marco Rubio and Bob Corker would be able to hold up the bill, at least until after the first of the year but Rubio’s principled stand against lowering the top tax rate and throwing out a child tax credit went down the drain when the GOP crooks gave him a small taste and he faded and shut up. Corker seems to have gone south too so it looks like this horrendous piece of legislation will pass.

So screw you all you hard working people who haven’t pocketed your first million yet. Just don’t be stupid again. It’s imperative, that next November, you remember the screwing you got from Trump and his bought and paid for GOP congressmen. Don’t let them fast-talk you out of the pain this tax bill is going to cost you. Remember, for one whole year they got absolutely zero done in congress despite having both houses and the Presidency. Now they will be cheering their only piece of legislation but on November 8, 2018 you will get the chance to pay them back for the only thing the GOP passed in a year; a bill that screwed you.

Remember that after you put Trump and all his buddies in office, they screwed you. Remember, their promises to get you a better life and to make America great again were just bullshit spread across the airwaves to screw you again. And if on next Election Day, you don’t remember the ways they have screwed you ever since they got into power, then plain and simple, you deserve to have gotten screwed.


And before we leave you, one more thought to rub you the wrong way. When this tax bill adds $1.3 trillion to the deficit, and while the poor and middle class are getting screwed to help pay for that #1.3 trillion, Trump was still blabbering about building his idiotic wall. That little disaster will now cost upwards of thirty billion bucks. Yeah you read right! And since we don’t want to add any more to the deficit where will that thirty billion come from? Well it could come out of the $200 billion that it will cost to rebuild Houston or the sum close to that, which Puerto Rico will need to repair its hurricane damage. But to take the wall money out of the money being used to repair those two hurricane disasters we would to have that money in the first place. But we don’t, because we just gave the filthy rich a tax break that will eat that money. And we are giving the super rich corporations a tax break that will eat more of that money. And we are going to let corporations who hid money overseas bring it back and get a tax break on that too. So fuck you America, the rich bitches are giving it to you again! But that’s nothing. Just wait till we get the bill for the fires in California. That’s going to make Houston and Puerto Rico look like chump change. And where will that money come from after we give the Pentagon, the most wasteful operation in the world, a hundred billion more than even they asked for because the National Draft Dodger likes to kiss the ass of the military. Funny what guilt will do to you!

Where the hell is all this money supposed to come from now that we have given billions away in a tax cut to the only people who don’t need it and historically won’t spend it to do the country any good. Can’t you see that corporate tax saving of 13% trickling down your leg into your shoe? You better be able to, because that’s the best thing that will happen to you from saving it for the rich. The GOP that is solely responsible for this abortion of a tax bill should face the noose and Trump who is cheering them on belongs under the big knife. There are many who think Melania bears a striking resemblance to Marie Antoinette. Yeah, let them eat cake!


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