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Jan 13 18

Making a Deal- Any Deal

by The Urban Curmudgeon

Really big noise over Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” continued on This Week. Even Matt Schlaff, Trump’s only defender on the panel was forced into the corner of having to deny that he feels Trump is incompetent. The book has been attacked on journalistic, literary and factual grounds but the reality is; every reporter who has been questioned about the statements about Trump’s competence tells the same tale. They find the accusations to be right on target. They will tell you every Republican off the record, will agree with Wolff’s premise; that Trump isn’t up to the job, but since they are as duplicitous as the President they will never go on the record with their accusations. On the other hand everyone who doesn’t have an agenda that needs Trump, is openly willing to admit that he is out of control, lacking in any kind of intellectual discipline, uninterested in anything that will not be personally advantageous and completely without any kind of moral integrity. So Trump’s competency seems to depend on the political needs of those who are questioned about it.

It’s quite obvious that a combination of thirst for power and the craven avoidance of any situation that could endanger that goal is what are driving today’s Washington. When you find, as is now the case, a huge group of Republican congressmen who will talk off the record about the ignorance and incompetence of the President, but who refuse to make such a monumental accusation public, the only explanation is cowardice in refusing to fight for the citizens agenda.

For any number of reasons, The point of “Fire and Fury” is that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States. Those who don’t want to deal with that question will attack the book on any number of other fronts. Agreed, the book is not a brilliant piece of literary accomplishment. Yes, it’s full of typos that indicate it was rushed to press to take advantage of its notoriety. No it isn’t well sourced but that seems to have been unnecessary since every reporter who has covered the White House has told these same stories, off the record. Putting them on the record simply acknowledges the fact of their existence. So let’s examine the question.

Is Trump morally fit to be President? Well, there are sixteen women who are currently accusing him of having sexually assaulted or harassed them. He speaks to suing them but has not wanted to expose himself to the truth of those accusations in a courtroom. There are his own statements about being able to handle women’s privates just because he is a celebrity. There is his sponsorship of beauty contests which allowed him to invade the dressing rooms of young women so he could ogle their nudity and just recently there is his whole hearted backing of a molester of young women for a Senate post in Alabama. Yes there have been other Presidents who have had moral questions in their private lives. Roosevelt and Eisenhower had mistresses. Kennedy was a profligate womanizer and Clinton was actually impeached because of a lie he told about the oral sex he received from a smitten intern. But Trump has stepped out on a scale that is unprecedented for sexual Presidential harassment. Any regular guy with his history would, more often than not, be in prison by now.

Still on the moral but getting into the veracity department is Trump’s obvious and unprecedented battle with the truth. This one is so obvious that Republican’s won’t even debate it. Trump lies about everything and anything, seemingly just because he is speaking. Any number of fact-monitors have published information on this and there has been almost no argument about it. He lies about stuff he said minutes before. He lies about stuff that is obvious to anyone who has any interest on any given subject. He lies about anything that he perceives will help him but what’s really bizarre is that he will also lie about stuff that hurts him. This would lead one to believe he has no recognition of what is the truth and what is not. The result of this condition is that the leader of the free world cannot be believed by any of the other national leaders he is supposed to be interacting with and therefore nothing can be accomplished by anyone attempting to do business with with our country. One would think the problems are obvious and damning to anyone sitting in the White House.

Then there’s policy and planning. Trump shows no ability to develop and follow up on any kind of policy and from all reports is unable to carry through on any kind of plan to see even his fractured policies carried out. Based on false premises and a basic misunderstanding of international trade policies, he has attacked international treaties in which we are involved He has campaigned against Obama’s Nuclear Treaty with Iran because of the false suppositions that Iran made money from it and that they are cheating on it. Both positions are incorrect, so if he really believes his own positions, he is too stupid to understand and if he doesn’t, he is just lying again.

Like a child, Trump is ridiculously easy to bait. Attack him on even the smallest question and he comes at you like a lioness protecting her cubs. His tweets are the stuff of middle school jealousy and pique. Grownups just don’t act like this, at least not functional grownups, and that, after all is what we are talking about. If the President isn’t a grownup then the country is in big trouble.

I could go on with subject after subject and problem after problem but they all lead to the same inarguable point. Donald Trump isn’t a raving, slobbering maniac, but he is certainly not up to running the greatest, most complicated country in the world. When Ronald Reagan was dealing with senility the government kept it a secret from the American people. I won’t get into whether that was right or wrong but those who stood to protect that President’s condition from the citizens of this country did not let him run amok, making horrible decisions and blabbering his stupidities, thereby damaging the nation for decades to come.

Let’s look at Trump’s reaction to this book. Instead of pointing to what few accomplishments he has had in his first year in office and ignoring the book, he childishly jumped off the shelf and attacked it with full guns blazing. He rants about how smart he is, what a genius he is, how he has made billions and makes all good decisions. Most of us recognize that this is the reaction of a five year old and that’s just not what we want in the White House. Trump’s reactions to “Fire and Fury” are proving the truth of “Fire and Fury.

In a fascinating and incredibly revealing televised meeting between the President and members of both parties, Donald Trump announced that he is for a clean DACA bill, that we still need a wall and that he must have a comprehensive immigration reform bill. He did this while denying that we can get a clean immigration bill or DACA reform unless he get’s his Wall. Yes, I’m confused too. But more important and much more to the point; the President is confused, very confused. It was clear that he didn’t understand what anyone wanted and had no idea of how to give it to them. He mumbled, stuttered, and reversed himself at the suggestion of members of both parties who were fighting in public for what they each wanted. What became clear is that the show itself was set up to illustrate that Trump could gather the troops, and all it showed was that the troops were fleeing in every direction.

Maybe the idea for this pathetic comedy was to show that Trump could make a deal. He stated that he wanted what the people in the room wanted but the people in the room all wanted different things. The Democrats wanted DACA protection. Trump wanted The Wall and the Republicans wanted to restrict immigration, all to the exclusion of what everybody else wanted.

It’s obvious that the basis of this meeting was “Fire and Fury,” and Trump’s need to prove to the public that he isn’t a slobbering, raving idiot that those interviewed in Wolff’s book see as a man leading them over the cliff.

Sure Trump probably wants to get a DACA bill but more than that he wants a useless, crushingly expensive wall that will accomplish nothing and cause other, more important problems to starve for cash. Trump loves to say that stuff isn’t complicated but that’s only because he doesn’t understand the complications implicit in almost every government process.

So maybe we have to take a look at the whole mess and figure out what everybody is carrying on about. First there’s DACA, This is, for any thinking human a no brainer. There are about 800,000 young people out there who were brought to this country as kids and have no responsibility for being here. They are now American educated and entering the workforce. They are for the most part without criminal backgrounds and are in a position to supply at least part of what this country needs in the workforce. To do that effectively they need some kind of official recognition of them as legal residents or in the best of all possible worlds citizenship. So what’s the problem? What’s always the problem? Small-minded assholes that don’t want anyone else to benefit from what their ancestors benefited from and that the assholes pissed it away. For decades the GOP has sold a bill of goods to their small-minded followers that immigrants take work from them and even if they don’t, they surely eat up the welfare funds. It would seem that one has to decide if one wants work or welfare but in GOP thinking there is no one who gets welfare that wants work. So the first order of business is to pass some kind of legislation protecting the Dreamers and giving them some legitimacy. And what’s standing in its way? A lot of crooks who can’t pass up an opportunity to grab something ffor themselves even as they give these kids what they should be given, both for their sakes and for the country’s sake.

How this works is Trump wants his “Wall,” a Wall that has no practical use and will cost $18 billion bucks. That $18 billion wasted on Trump’s Wall means money not spent on education, infrastructure and many, many other important programs for vets, kids and the elderly. But Trump doesn’t care, which is only one of the reasons that he isn’t fit to be President. He just wants a bill to sign and a Wall to pose in front of.


And then there’s the GOP leadership in congress. They are willing to give up the DACA permission as long as it doesn’t include citizenship because that would get their feeble fan base up in arms “They don’t want them wetbacks comin’ over here takin’ their jobs.” You know, the jobs they can’t do because they aren’t educated enough to even understand what’s needed.


So how do you put all this together and get everything to work, or at least to get the DACA problem solved? If Trump is to be believed he’s exactly the guy to foster this kind of deal. If only he had actually written that book instead of his co-author he might really have some clue how to get it done. But watching him at this press event that was all about the solution to this problem you realize that Trump doesn’t understand anything about it. He really doesn’t understand the predicament of the young dreamers. He has no idea about what the Republicans want or why they want it and he really doesn’t see that wasting $18 billion on his Wall that won’t keep anyone out of the country is a gigantic waste of money that needs to be spent in other areas.

As stated above, Trump is not a slobbering, raving idiot, but he is a lesser man, sorely unable to deal with the complications of the world he is facing or the job he has unwittingly stumbled into. He wants to do the right thing but he always sees the right thing as something that will benefit him and if he can’t see a personal benefit he doesn’t really see any reason to expend any energy on whatever it is that’s under consideration.


Trump wants his wall, just like a four year old that wants a particular toy, not because he realizes it’s the best toy but simply because he decided he wanted it and that’s all there is to that. He will cry until he gets it or until he cries himself to sleep. Or, and this is key, until someone distracts him with a different, shinier toy. Unfortunately right now the only toy that seems to he more appealing to Trump is dropping a bomb on North Korea and that is really something that we shouldn’t shake in front of him.

Real goals aside, the show that we witnessed yesterday, written, produced and directed by Steve Miller, the same Steve Miller that had to be bounced off a TV show the other night because he, like his boss, couldn’t control himself or bring himself to realize that lying isn’t always the solution to everything, was in fact a failure. If it had been a Broadway Show, it would have closed out of town because it was all, as previously stated, to make you think that Trump has it all under control when what we saw was a pathetic mess that showed Trump unable to understand the questions at hand and even more unable to come up with any viable answers. And once more the nation is the big loser.

So how does anyone get what he or she wants out of this show business event produced to prove that Trump isn’t just an incompetent boob? The answer has always been compromise but compromise demands that there be some points of agreement on each side that opponents can give or take from to arrive at a mutually advantageous point. There are a couple of different pictures of DACA that can work into such a scenario. There are also some points of give and take on immigration policy that can support such a process. But it’s on “The Wall,” the ludicrous Trump campaign promise, where compromise dies. The problem is absolutely straightforward. There is nothing about The Wall that makes any sense. At this point I history more people are going back to Mexico than are coming here from Mexico. Therefore to build a wall would be to prevent illegal immigrants from going back home, exactly the opposite goal as has been promoted for building it. In addition, “The Wall” will cost a fortune, money that indisputably could be better spent on any number of programs that are bleeding for lack of funds. These are reasonable points but the most important point is that Trump, the man who is demanding that we build this useless, costly eyesore is the one who promised that it would be paid for by not us but Mexico. So if he gets his way, he lies. Not that that has ever bothered Trump but should we really be destroying other programs by using their money to promote a lie. Even in a Trump led country this seems to be a violation of morals and reason.

But wait a minute! Trump is really the only one in the room that is absolutely stuck on The Wall. So maybe he should be sent out of the room while the grownups debate on how to get DACA approved and how to fix the immigration system so it works for everyone. Yes, I mentioned grownups and we all know that there really aren’t many of them in congress right now but there are probably enough to actually get something done. That “something” wouldn’t make everybody happy. There would in all probability be no citizenship for the DACA kids but there should be a legal status that enables them to work, live and pay taxes like everybody else. The solution probably won’t end immigration issues as some of the far right fanatics want, but it will probably allow for a constricted process that will include more security and a loosening of restrictions on those who bring marketable skills to our shores.

But where does that leave Trump’s Wall? Well, if they can get him out of the way while the big kids work, in the garbage can. But that means we are left with a petulant President and there’s nothing more turbulent for the Internet than a petulant President so what do they give Trump to make up for taking away his toy? Simple, a new toy! Not a bomb for North Korea but a new bill to sign. We have all seen that signing his name to almost anything makes Trump happier than a pig in shit and this will be a big sty for him to waddle in. He can tell the progressives how he did the right thing for the DACA kids. He can tell the conservatives how he is limiting immigration and can tell himself that the Wall is still on the table, even if it isn’t the one on which he signs the bill. It’s a win/win and both parties give the President a big jelly apple of a bill to sign. He can even send out for a new box of gold pens. There will definitely be joy in Mudville if only the big boys can get Trumpie out of the room while they make a deal that could help the nation.

Democrat Dick Durban and Republican Lindsay Graham worked together and came up with a bill that could possibly, actually, solve all the problems addressed above. But before they could present it to the President, Steve “The Snake” Miller dragged proven bigots, Tom Cotton and Bob Goodlatté into the meetings. The proposal would have authorized a ten-year track to citizenship for the DACA kids, $2.8 billion for border security with $1.6 billion for The Wall; it would require green card holders to complete the citizenship process before sponsoring adult children and cut he Visa Lottery program by 50%. It looks like a pretty good bill mainly because there is something in it for everyone to hate and lot for each of them to like. So it turned out that Steve “The Snake,” was worried that the bill would be too liberal so he pulled in the above bigots to fight the process. When the discussion moved to protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries Trump got involved. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries coming here?” he wanted to know. Then displaying his significant signature, ignorance, Trump suggested that we bring more people here from places like Norway. It seemed that no one in the room wanted to point out to the Bigot in Chief that people from Scandinavian countries don’t want to come here, manly because he is President.

Jan 7 18

The Mess Keeps Getting Worse

by The Urban Curmudgeon


In the wake of the publication of Michael Wolff’s “Fire & Fury,” I decided to go to Fox news and see what the White House news Station had to say about this new phenomenon that is undermining our national agenda. Of course it’s not really new. People have been speculating about the President’s sanity for at least the last year. It’s really pretty scary. The first thing I saw covered by Fox, which as it turns out is trying to avoid the book, was the riots in Ian, about which the Fox reporters, it seems, have a lot to say, especially on the condemnation of that nation because the rich and the government own over 50% of the assets in the country. Really? And Fox News, speaking as the representative of our nations rich thinks this is a bad thing? So what about our own country where over 90% of the assets are owned by the rich and the big corporations? I guess that’s okay, if like Fox News, a rich guy owns you. All the little Foxies were very busy this morning telling their viewers that we had to back the people of Iran in their battle against the religious Muslim government. I certainly hope the people of Iran weren’t listening. The USA has an unfortunate history of egging on the people of various countries, Iran being one of them, and then leaving hem in a lurch to face the guns of their dictators.

Trump is busy cheering on the street rebels in Iran but when it comes to helping them he will, as have former American presidents, leave them to face their government’s guns with nothing but slingshots.

The Foxes quoted Steve Mnuchin talking about how we will not allow the Iranian government to use their funds to support terrorism throughout the Middle East while their citizens are starving. Does he mean like a certain country with 50 states that has the highest military budget in the world by a multiple of ten while it fails to create a functioning health care system, doesn’t educate its kids and puts up with failing infrastructure?

I have always made it a practice to observe Right Wing media just to make sure that I was able to get a handle on what the other side is saying. It’s easy to dismiss the Radio Right nut cases like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh but Fox News is a huge operation with an enormous demographic. It gets really scary when you hear a female reporter on Fox talk about the idea that we must back the demonstrators in Iran because that country keeps its women under its thumb while she never mentions the fact that we are backing Saudi Arabia which is much more oppressive toward its women than the Ayatollahs ever hope to be.

Trump loves to rave about “Fake News”. There is no more fake news than that which comes out of his personal mouthpieces at Fox Lies. This unalloyed backup of Trump’s policy on the Iran Nuclear Treaty exemplifies this. Today the Foxies were all screaming about how Obama gave billions to the Ayatollahs. He did no such thing. The money that went back to Iran with the treaty was Iran’s money, grabbed in our banks by the US government. All we did was give them back what was theirs. So maybe if Fox Lies ever becomes bright enough to understand that they will stop lying about it.

And just as a sidelight why is it that all the people on this aberrant station look like Ken and Barbie? I mean even the older reporters look like older Ken and Barbie.

Trying desperately to avoid any discussion of Wolff’s book, Fox attacked NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who is talking about suing the feds about the state tax clauses in the new tax bill. They talk about how all the people are fleeing the big tax states because of the higher taxes. Yah, I can just see all those Wall Street billionaires running off to live in Arkansas just to avoid the NYS income taxes. Can’t you just picture it? Giving up your Park Avenue penthouse to go and live next to the home folks pig farm just to save tax money you are too rich to need. What nut would do that? Actually there are two of them and their name is Koch.

Fox clowns go on to talk about how those big tax states are wasting money on stuff like schools and pensions. Really? You folks at Fox really think education is a waste of money? Maybe it is. You all probably went to school but you sure as hell didn’t learn a damn thing.


The people at Fox, much like Trump and many in Washington who do not have the intellectual acumen to grasp complicated issues, have developed the ability to sloganize with a high degree of skill, especially when it comes to issues about which someone has informed them that they must have an opinion. But we are forced to laugh and maybe choke a little when, like Trump, they spew out the same nonsense that he used in his election campaign; the ridiculous concept that we are somehow going to bring the jobs that have flown our borders, back from wherever it is they went. It’s ridiculous and it presupposes voters who are as dumb as these crooks need them to be; voters who will buy any nonsensical premise that will get them what they think they want. It did work in the 2016 elections and I guess the Foxies are hoping it works for the GOP in 2018. If it does the voters deserve whatever they get, just like they deserve what they are getting from Trump, the liar for whom they voted.

It seems impossible to believe that there are voters who don’t understand why jobs won’t be returning to our shores at any time in the foreseeable future. The most plausible explanation is that many of them have other issues, issues that override jobs, issues like abortion, gun rights or religious liberty, issues that are not universal but limited to small pockets of support that are enjoyed by Trump and the far Right.

But the reality is that like the jobs in coal and the manufacturing jobs lost to automation, the overseas jobs aren’t coming back and those who really do want to continue to be employed better do something about upgrading their skills. That means that those who represent them had better forget about bringing jobs back from overseas or creating jobs in coal that even the owners don’t want and concentrate on education bills that will equip their unemployed workers to fill the thousands of jobs that already exist here and are going begging for lack of necessary skills. Ironically the new jobs will pay much better then the old grunt jobs, but the worker must bring a skill set more evolved than brute muscle power to do them.

The big lie that we will somehow be able to bring back the jobs that have flown overseas by making better trade deals is pure unadulterated bullshit. Even if there were a way to bring them back, which there isn’t, our workers wouldn’t take them at the pay scale they now represent. Try to think logically. Is Ivanka Trump going to bring her clothes manufacturing business back from South East Asia where her labor costs run abut 50 cents a day and give it to American workers at about $15 an hour? I think not, no matter what trade deals her old man lies about being able to make. This is true in every avenue of manufacturing. Those jobs are gone. Forget them. Try to equip yourself for the jobs that already exist and are going begging and those that will come on line in the near future.

This means that instead of talking about bringing jobs back we should be talking about educating our labor force for the jobs that exist now and will explode in the future.


J.D. Vance is a guy who wrote a book entitled “Hillbilly Legacy.”   It’s about the people who voted for Donald Trump. He wrote it in 2013, long before Trump was running after anything except women he could grab by the pussy. In his book Vance speaks to the white working man who has lost his job and is interested only in how to get it back. Vance, like any thinking person, understands that these jobs aren’t coming back but more importantly he sees that we must create areas of entrepreneurship in parts of the country not now touched by the boom in new technology.

He points out that most venture capital is concentrated in California, New York and Massachusetts. He points out that we must find a way to spread that wealth to other areas of the country, areas that have lost jobs and need new work to replace them. He also recognizes the problem with that happening. The three states mentioned above all have deep labor pools with which to support entrepreneurial experimentation. Yes, there are a few such pools in the great wasteland between the two coasts but they are few and far between, mostly around universities where the intellectual and financial contacts exist. How do we change this situation? How do we make these depressed areas seem more appealing to the money and the intellects necessary to create and grow the kinds of businesses that will flourish and create employment?

The great American industrial cities were created by logistics. They were on a waterway, or near a railroad or the source of materials that they would need to build whatever it was they built or mined. That has always been the siting point for American industry. But the industries of the future won’t depend on anything like materials or transportation for their creation. Yes, location will still be important just as it is for the Real Estate industry but location will be about attractive living conditions, access to the arts and intellectual growth or leisure time activities. These are the things that will draw the kind of worker that our twenty first century industries will need and they will go where those workers exist or want to exist in order to get them. Creating a business in a place where people long to live will be a huge part of where you can exercise your entrepreneurial creativity. New York, Boston or San Francisco are great. So are places like Portland, Miami or New Orleans. Indianapolis, Dubuque or Canton, not so much, and therein lies the problem, because of the nine cities mentioned the latter three are the ones most in need of employment opportunities while least able to fill the jobs that are being created by the new industries. Solve that problem and you’ve taken a huge step in the right direction.

Vance, to his credit doesn’t shy away from one of the biggest problems in the job market. The fact that there are many in the labor force who really don’t want to work. This isn’t limited to menial labor but it certainly has a large place in that area. Right now there are eight million men who have dropped out of the labor force and are no longer seeking work. A significant percentage of those men really don’t want to

work. They would never admit it, but if you have worked at grunt labor, as I have, you realize that there are a lot of people who resent having to work to eat, who have no desire to advance themselves and who would rather just sit home and watch TV. The pundits and the preachers can sermonize all they want about the dignity of labor but there is damn little dignity in doing a job you hate for wages that don’t pay the bills. So there will always be people who just don’t see the advisability of work, but consider that many of them have fallen into that category because they haven’t found work that interests them. Those, especially, are the ones that can be helped by education.


There are two sides to every story except it is often the case that only one side is true. This seems to be the reality with everything that touches Donald Trump. Sure he’s a proven unmitigated liar but does that have to go for everyone who works for, is related to, or surrounds him? It appears to be so.

Even a brief perusal of the events surrounding the House, Senate and Special Prosecutor investigations into the Russian intervention in our election has to come to the same conclusions. The Russians hacked our election. Trump and his coterie of sycophants tried to get help from them and possibly promised to help with the lifting of sanctions if he were elected. Trump and his buddy Paul Manafort were deeply involved in fiscal deals with the Russians and quite probably in the laundering of Russian money in this country. Trump obstructed justice with the firing of James Comey. And we’ve only touched the surface.

Watching the behavior of the House and Senate investigating committees would be hysterical if it weren’t so tragic. To say that the members of both parties on the panels are acting politically would be factual. Not to say that the Republican’s have acted fraudulently and are running cons that would make Joseph McCarthy blush would be a monumental understatement.

The approach of each Senator or Representative in questioning a witness is basically the same. They praise the witness, if they know his or her testimony will back up their point of view, or attack the witness if they know the opposite. Then they are expected to ask cogent questions that hopefully will lead to some conclusion about the subject under review. This is sometimes done by the Democrats but almost never done by the Republicans, who use their time to embellish some political point that is rarely factual and almost never to the point of the hearings.

The latest tactic of the GOP, whether on investigative committees or not is to attack the veracity of our judicial system and those who are appointed or elected to make it function. This is a direct line from Trump’s early attacks on the CIA, attacks that later spread to the FBI and are now being pinpointed toward specific agents including former director Comey. These attacks are all part of a concentrated campaign led from the White House with a goal of undermining our justice system so that Trump can declare it a failure and step “heroically” into the breech, declaring himself to be a savior and a dictator all in the same breath. If you don’t buy this and many of you won’t, all you have to do, as is almost always the case, is look at history. This was the game plan for almost every dictator in history. Remember, if you don’t read history and learn from it, you will be condemned to repeat it.

And now Michael Wolff has come out with a book that describes what everyone in Washington has known for over a year. That Trump hates and is hated by almost everyone who surrounds him in the White House.

Fire and Fury, Wolff’s book is really tearing up the pea patch and it isn’t even published yet. A story about it in the Guardian and sections of it in the New Yorker have really brought it to prominence. Last night a bookstore in D.C. began selling it at midnight and the lines were around the block. John Podheretz nit picks about a lack of sourcing and bad grammar but eberyone else, not associated with Fox News, has spoken of his or her own sources being in complete agreement with Wolff. What Wolff writes about seems to have been an open secret since the beginning of Trump’s term.


Steve Bannon, probably the principle source of the information in Wolf’s book, runs rampant, trashing Trump and his family, attacking the administration for their involvement with Russia and smearing them for attacking the FBI and the justice system. He calls Don Jr. treasonous and it seems from all the other content, he has been saying this since last March, which was two months into the Trump Presidency.

The question has come up about whether or not people like Gary Cohen, Rex Tillerson or H.R. McMaster should stay in the White House and continue to function as a service to the country or flee what they have categorized as the worst job they ever had.

It would seem that the only choice these people have is to continue to serve because, considering the state of the man who sits at the head of the government, they now represent the only chance this country has to survive the horrible mistake it made in electing the egomaniacal sociopath to its presidency. Of course the really big question is where does this country go? Its President has been revealed in print to be exactly what everyone who has ever been in contact with him knows him to be, a simpering moron, interested only in what can enrich his own coffers and bring him more personal power in the Presidency. He is an idiot, a clown who cannot read a page of information, who has a 15 second attention span, who has surrounded himself with idiots and clowns who think of him as a moron and a fool. He has shown in international dialog to be at a loss to keep up with any leader of any foreign country on any subject. It’s like Trump was elected as part of a test that would answer the question: is our democracy strong enough to withstand any challenge, no matter how insidious or invasive? Can it stand up to any challenge by anyone trying to prove that it isn’t impervious to everything?

And as if to establish a final answer to the challenge, Wolff tells us that he has tapes to back up all his charges against Trump.

It’s interesting to see a guy like John Heilman who obviously agrees with Wolff about his views of what goes on in the White House but who, as a journalist with some standards, is appalled by Wolff’s betrayal of off the record conversations and the way he falsely represented himself as Trump’s friend in order to get access to information with which he could condemn the President.

But it all comes back to one point. The statement by Donald Trump during his campaign that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still vote for him. How long will that statement stand? It has already stood the test of an election. Trump, got elected despite admitting his abuse of women, despite showing that he was a racist and a bigot, despite his attacks on various segments of the population and the judiciary, despite backing the KKK in Charleston, despite his childish twitters and his unbelievable comments to foreign leaders. He still, unbelievably, holds a thirty something segment of the voters in this country. What the hell does it take to convince these people that he is unfit to lead, that he is a monster who is a very real danger to our Democracy? Will this thirty something percent of the voters ever actually see that they have participated in the election of an incompetent madman whose only agenda is the acquisition of wealth and power for himself, who cares nothing for the nation or its people, and who is willing to go down in flames and take the US with him, rather than ever admit he is wrong about anything or ever do even the least bit of productive work necessary to achieve even the most meager goals for the nation. What does it take for reality to invade the consciousness of these people? What, in the end does it finally take for them to wake up and see what they have wrought? Does the imbecile with his finger on his bigger button have to nuke Southeast Asia before his backers realize that he is a brain dead monster? Does our fouled atmosphere have to cause chaos across the planet before that thirty something percent of voters understand that Trump’s policies are responsible for world wide environmental catastrophe? What the hell does it take?


Dec 29 17

Dysfunction as a Government Plan

by The Urban Curmudgeon


In a sickening display of uncontrolled sucking up, the Republican Party groveled in the dirt before Donald Trump, their dictator in waiting. This nauseatingly despicable exercise in keeping the child mollified so he doesn’t have a tantrum and drop a bomb was committed in the aftermath of the passing of the rich people’s tax bill, an atrocious piece of legislation that will go down in the annuls of American disgrace. Then in the aftermath of all this misguided admiration Trump appeared before the nation and lied about it being the biggest tax cut ever, which it is not. Why? Why bother to lie about something like this? It’s already a major achievement in the eyes of the GOP. They have paid off their donors and, if you don’t look too closely, made it look like they were doing something for the poor and the middle class. So what sick impulse drives this horribly flawed man to lie and spoil his only accomplishment in an entire year in office?

By passing this terrible bill, the GOP has acknowledged that they will do anything; degrade themselves in any way, in order to give their biggest donors the money they demand in exchange for the campaign funds and other financing they provide to this gaggle of congressional crooks.

These are the degenerate thieves that the Republican voters have put in office. Yes, their options have always been limited, but it’s time, if they ever expect to enjoy a livable country, that these voters choose a different path.

That’s not to say that just being a Democrat makes their candidates viable. It most certainly, as history can show us, does not. What it does mean is that American voters must, if they want to really have a representative government, show more interest in those they cast their votes for and much more interest in getting out to vote at all.

Ask any immigrant from a totalitarian country, you know, the ones Trump is dead set on keeping out of the US. They will tell you that the greatest satisfaction they get from being American citizens is the act of voting for a leader rather than having him shoved down their throats. Anyone who has watched or listened to Donald Trump or anyone who witnessed the disgusting display put on by the GOP the other day will understand what I am talking about. Putin, Gaddafi, Saddam, Kim Jung Un, the monster in the Philippines, Hitler or Stalin, all need the adulation of the crowd to make them believe in their own power. Then they all want to use that power without guidelines.

I saw a movie called “The Post”, last night at a screening and came out amazed at the lack of attention to history that we all display on a daily basis. It’s a film about the revelation of the information in the Pentagon Papers. It’s a story about brave newspaper people who told the American people the truth they needed to know. It’s about a President who thought he could violate the First Amendment and then could become a dictator. It was really the biggest story of the Nixon years despite the fact that Watergate finally got that crook out of office. We are currently watching a very similar historic turn as Trump attacks our free press with a smoke screen of lies and half truths, calling anything that he disagrees with “fake news,” even as Fox, his personal purveyor of fake news splashes lies all over the airwaves and Internet.

Trying to suppress the free distribution of news and facts is Trump’s, as it was Nixon’s, biggest story and most egregious fault, but like Nixon with Watergate, Trump’s associations with the Russians will eventually be what will bring him down. It won’t happen this year because of the craven cowards filling the rolls of the GOP, but in a functioning world it will certainly happen after November 2018.


The big question among the current political pundits is: did the Democrats oversell how much the tax bill will hurt the middle class and the poor? So, let’s look at it. Those earning between $47,000 and $87,000 will actually get a $1,200 a year tax cut. That’s great for the next couple of years but it’s not like the corporate tax cut, which is permanent. So let’s go a little further. Doubling the standard deduction from $12,000 to $24,000 will certainly encourage many not to itemize deductions. This will save time and nerves but in many cases will actually cost money in taxes paid. Enlarging the child tax credit is unquestionably a bonus and will definitely help many poor and lower middle class families. These are all good things but what did the poor and middle class have to give back to get them?

The corporate tax rate falling from 35% TO 21% means most corporations will actually pay no taxes. As it is many of them, even at 35% don’t pay any taxes. That’s because of the vast array of lobbyist-calculated deductions available to them. If the GOP really wanted to create a functional tax bill they would have lowered the rate and eliminated the deductions, thereby ensuring that even the corporations that now pay no tax would pay something. Why do I keep harping on the corporate tax giveaway and the 2% lowering of the already low, top tax rate? Because that’s where the big bucks reside! Those who make more pay more, as they should. That’s the basis of the whole tax system. That’s what helps to offset the income inequality in this country and that’s why the new tax bill is a con. 63% of the benefits of this bill go to the top 1% of the people. If you think that’s fair you must be part of the Trump family.

The possibility of trickle-down economics creating jobs is not a vague promise, nor a faint hope. Neither is it a mistake. It’s a blatant lie and those promoting it are the most cynical, most morally corrupt, most historically dishonest crooks in the nation. On the other hand, the most historically stupid are those who believe these liars because the contradictory history is all there. It’s all been proven over and over that nothing anyone would want to touch trickles down. The rich and their toadies in the GOP have been lying to the suckers for decades and those suckers just keep buying it.

But the biggest problem, the one that nobody wants to address is, that with over a trillion dollars dumped onto the deficit, the GOP will then regress to his or her conservative roots and conveniently forget that they created this monster. They will claim that with such a huge deficit they can’t possibly come up with any money for health care, the environment, education, infrastructure, research or any of the essential elements that make life bearable in a country ruled by an idiot like Trump. Paul “The Ghoul” Ryan is already yapping about how we will have to gut entitlements. Somehow this gutter rat thinks social security is an entitlement. Just for the benefit of those who don’t get it, social security is a bank account into which people have paid so they can get their money back, with interest, when they get to a retirement age. The fact that over the years, various administrations from both parties, have seen fit to illegally “borrow” money from the SS fund and never pay it back doesn’t seem to penetrate the thick skulls of assholes like Ryan.

And yes, we currently have two people working for every SS recipient when once we had ten or fifteen or twenty depending on who you believe, but we are currently living in a nation that does not reproduce the way it once did and we are encumbered by an administration too stupid to understand that the solution to this dilemma is immigration, the same solution that built this country from a wilderness to the greatest nation on earth.

So why doesn’t Trump see this? Is he merely a bigoted racist? No, not just that. He’s obviously a racist, but more importantly he’s a crafty racist who thinks that playing to a 33% base of racists will keep him in power just like it partly got him elected. All his pre-election attacks on minorities and foreign nationals was what got him all those votes in white bigot trailer park America. Now to keep those same racists in his corner he has to deny the existence of the KKK and push the Wall and policies that keep out the immigrants we need to power the engine that is our economy.

Trump plays to the fifty year-old white guys with two years of high school, who lost jobs at the widget plant when it closed. The immigrants don’t want that job. Many of them, if not most, are better educated than that guy and unlike him could fill the thousands of jobs in tech that tat guy can’t possibly do, jobs that are currently going unfilled. That’s what we need to move the economy, not more losers getting phantom jobs in coal mining.

But it’s those same guys, the ones who believe the GOP is helping them with a tax bill designed to help only the rich, that also believe Trump will get them jobs and that immigrants are a security problem for the country. They will believe anything they are told as long as it comes wrapped in a southern drawl. They are the same people who were willing to put a pedophile in the Senate just so they didn’t send a Democrat. They are the ones who will believe the tax lies because Mitch McConnell is telling them those lies while Chuck Schumer is telling them they are being had.

So what we’re looking at is a major piece of legislation passed. Not as Trump lies the biggest tax cut in history but surely a major piece of legislation. Will it have any success? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Trump loves to tell us all about all the regulations he has crushed and how good that is for business. In fact some of it has already been good for business especially if they were about Trump’s business but most of them were reversed at the cost of our national health or the environment and will hurt the country and the world. Nobody in business likes OSHA. It’s the kind of operation that drives greedy, lazy owners crazy but it has been proven over and over again to protect workers health and their lives from those same greedy, lazy owners who love to cash the checks but don’t want to be bothered about their workers lives or health.

Killing business regulations at the cost of safety or human accountability cannot be considered national wins just because they added to those business’ stock prices. Sure Trump will get richer by more oil drilling but more wildlife will die, more people will be poisoned by water that is no longer potable, many thousands will be thrown out of their homes by the crushing effects of fouled weather systems made rogue by our additions to the damaged atmosphere. As in everything, Trump’s only consideration is, can the elimination of regulation up his bottom line with no consideration of how it will affect the rest of us.

There is a lot of talk on the Right about bulking up our military even as we shove our deficit through the roof. Trump, the draft dodger loves to suck up to the military but at some point we have to look at military spending and say to the Pentagon; you already have more than enough money. Spend it judiciously. You are the most wasteful organization in governmental history. If you get your house in order, there will be more than enough money to create the most successful cyber defense in history.

Whatever else he has or hasn’t done, Trump’s foreign policies are a disaster. Shunning NAFTA and the TPP are idiotic moves and have reduced our footprint in the world just as much as his other international moves that have insulted our allies while sucking up to our enemies. Trump brags about America first and every President has believed that, but his actions in that respect clearly show that the really doesn’t understand what that means. He is pushing hard to make America last. His latest move in Israel was incredibly stupid. It moved most of the nations in the world to vote against us in the UN and generated a clever quote from Senator Dent; “Trump has taken the fun out of dysfunction.” Hell, Trump has taken the fun out of just about everything, especially if you once enjoyed being part of the greatest country in the world.


Dec 22 17

Trump and His Disastrous Tax Plan

by The Urban Curmudgeon



While being being interviewed by Nichole Wallace Representative Adam Schiff casually dropped the information that after 911 the House and Senate, in an attempt to make their Intelligence Committees more functional, voted to eliminate term limits. They did this to keep experienced and competent people on those committees, people who would possess strong procedural backgrounds and deep wells of information. They also moved in a number of other directions to stop those committees from being as partisan as they had been.

According to Schiff most of the changes didn’t really happen but the committees understanding the need for the unmade changes adjusted themselves in what they hoped was a more functional manner.

This ceased abruptly with the infestation of the Trump administration and his appointment of political lackeys instead of professionals to various posts. The logical result of these appointments as well as the President’s childish inability to absorb any information that doesn’t dribble directly from his infantile brain has changed the entire make-up of the Congressional Intelligence Committees to that of political and party line hacks as seen in the House Intelligence Committee hearing the other day where GOP hit men attacked Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller in a hopefully failed attempt to move both out of their jobs.

Schiff has made it clear that intelligence briefings for the President have degenerated into pre-school play dates where the only goal is to make Trump happy. , It seems no one is telling Trump anything he doesn’t want to hear and that, added to the fact that he has almost no real knowledge of foreign policy or international affairs, is moving our nation into dangerous territory.

Trump’s   inability to absorb any information that points to the already accepted fact that the Russians hacked our election is the primary motivation for his intelligence briefings turning into childcare sessions. He is so terrified that the general public will find out what they already know; that he lost the popular election and his ascent to the White House was the result of an Electoral College anomaly so he refuses to even consider any possibility that the Russians might have helped him win the election.

Trump’s fear that he is not the strongman that he wants us to see him as has driven him to try, like any coward, to befriend strong men around the globe; as if hanging around with the tough kids will make him strong too. This has inevitably led to attempts at friendship with Putin and other dictators around the globe while he shuns our allies who are intelligent enough to understand that it isn’t brute power but intelligently manipulated situations that brings success on the world stage.

Because he desperately wants Putin to be his buddy, Trump has allowed the Russian dictator to make a fool of him. Putin feeds his ego and plies him with pathetic flattery while operating in a manner that will endanger our nation and our allies around the globe. He continues the invasion of the Ukraine, partners up with the monster Abbas and prods the slow witted Trump to talk tough with a North Korea that currently has no way out of its warlike stance.

Meanwhile, one story after another comes out of the White House about how everyone involved with briefing the President is told not to upset him, to only give him good news with which he already agrees. Is this the President of the strongest country in the world or a three year-old child? This is not the way to run a country, not unless it’s a banana republic of the Philippines.


Nobody likes to pay taxes but without them we have no country. Without taxes we don’t have any infrastructure, any military, any education, any healthcare any legislature or really any country. If you want the stuff that makes a country, you have to figure out a way to pay for it and to date, throughout world history, the only workable solution has been taxes. Sure there are a couple of Arab countries that don’t pay taxes but that’s because their oil revenues make that possible. That’s just another reason we should be switching to renewables.

When Trump and the Republicans lie to you about what a great thing their tax cut bill will be for the country, they do it with the full realization that the only ones really benefitting from this tax atrocity will be the rich. This means that most of the country, 99% of the population will be hurt by this bill. Oh sure, some will get a temporary tax cut but that like all the rewards of voting Republican will disappear in a couple of years. The real problem for that 99% is that all the services that the ordinary person depends on for living a productive life will be diminished and so, even with the small tax cut, will their lives

What do I mean by the above? It’s simple. Everything from the roads you drive on, to the electric grid you depend on, to the schools that educate your kids, the healthcare you can afford, the airports you fly into and out of, even the military upon which the security of our country is based, will disappear without taxes. Some of it will be destroyed, some, like the military will slip just enough to be less functional and less safe. Some will notice this diminution of service but many will not or if they do, won’t put together that the difference is due to that little bit extra you got back in saved taxes, while the rich, who pay the majority of taxes in this country, as they should, are getting a huge saving and not losing as much because their wealth makes them immune to many of the problems solved for the poor and middle class by the government.

I sat in an airport a while back and engaged in a conversation with a guy from the Faroe Islands, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. We spoke about politics and he told me that everyone in the Faroe Islands paid 40% in taxes. That sounds like a lot until you discover that they don’t have to pay for much else. The government pays for all healthcare, education, elder care, childcare, public service costs and everything that we also expect from our governments. It takes care of whoever becomes homeless and pays pensions to the elderly.

This man was in his early forties. He was going back to college to get an advanced degree and his government will pay for his advanced education and give him a stipend to pay for his housing, wife and each child while he attends classes. That’s because the government is smart enough to understand that by advancing his education this man will help the country in general, something that has managed to elude our legislators on an unfortunate scale. Is this guy better off than us? I think so.

“But it’s socialism:” cry all the assholes. Maybe, but our government is already a socialist style government. All our public programs are socialistic. We are already closer to many of the European socialist countries than we like to think. That is not to say that the myth of the capitalist state is a false one. I have always felt that the capitalist notion of entrepreneurial function is one of the most important differences between our democratic socialism and the way socialism is practiced in most other countries around the world; that and the fact that we vote.

So basically the tax bill sucks. Most of the American people, about 70% I believe, are against it, but Trump and the GOP, desperate for any kind of a win and frantic to please their donors, will push it through regardless. Maybe by this time next year the American people will have discovered what a huge mistake they made in 2016 and will have remedied it. Maybe Alabama isn’t just an example of a bad GOP candidate, hard as that is to believe. But if the American people can acquire, just a little knowledge and just a smidgeon of smarts; maybe, just maybe, this bill will be the knife that pierces the heart of the Republican Party and both houses go back to being Democratic. Then we can seriously start talking about impeachment.


Watching economists debate the tax bill is like watching a sailor bail the Titanic with a Campbell Soup can. Nothing gets done. They’re all worried about how much effect one abstract concept has on another. No one deals with nuts and bolts problems like the fact that those stockholders who will benefit by the corporate tax reduction will be mostly be rich people because that’s who can afford to own stock and of those stockholders; up to 40% of them are foreign, so it won’t even be Americans who are benefitting from this tax bill.

Sarah Fagen, the White House Economic flunky, sat on a panel this Sunday and flat out lied about everything she said. She tried to avoid any mention of the fact that Trump himself would benefit as much or more than any American from this bill. She lied about the evidence of trickle down economics and when confronted by facts she doubled down on her lie. There is, in fact, no evidence in our economic history of trickle down economics helping create jobs. It just never has, but Sarah the uninformed, kept lying about his until she looked like the fool she is.

And speaking of liars, Steve Mnuchin was on Face the Nation lying about the tax bill too. Mnuchin lied about everything except his name and that only because he didn’t have to say it himself.

An interesting question came up in a discussion between John Dickerson and Bernie Sanders. Dickerson asked; if the Democrats get in power and have a chance to change the tax bill that the GOP has passed, will they restore the corporate tax rate to 35% to reduce the deficit. Saunders said; yes, absolutely and that’s the wrong answer.

What he should have said is that the rate won’t go up because we don’t want to give the whining GOP the point about us having the highest rate in the world. Instead, all the slimy deductions that the corporations now enjoy, which in some cases allow them to pay no taxes at all, will disappear, thereby forcing many corporations that now pay no taxes or very little, to pony up and pay the 21%, they lobbied so hard for. That will add a huge number to the tax rolls and be a big help in reducing the deficit.


Despite the fact that two thirds of the American people are against it, the Senate Republicans passed a tax bill last night that will eventually devastate the citizens of the country they are supposed to represent. The House will vote again today. They have already passed their version of the bill but screwed up the procedure somehow and have to do it again. What else is new?

By this action The Republicans have removed 12 million people from the Health Care system (don’t ask how health care got into a tax bill) and they’re proud of it. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Of course this bill passed because the GOP knew if it didn’t pass something after controlling the entire government, they were toast. This blog has already gone on too long about what’s wrong with this bill. Now it’s time for those who will be screwed by this bill, which includes most of those who will vote in November, to show these self-serving crooks how they feel about being ignored and stolen from.



Dec 16 17

The GOP Screws America – Again

by The Urban Curmudgeon


The House Judiciary Committee hearing into God knows what, continued yesterday and the gloves came off as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the political hacks that masquerade as congressmen. But it wasn’t a hearing, it was a lynch mob made up of Trumpian sycophants who attacked Rosenstein and Bob Mueller with the nastiest partisan vitriol I have so far seen in a congressional hearing. These grimy punks have given up any sense of balance or functional investigation and are going right for the throat of Mueller. These cheap clowns in congressional disguise obviously recognize the fact that Mueller has already gotten three indictments from Trump’s appointments and is zeroing in on more. That scares the hell out of them. The crooks Mueller is catching broke the law but that means nothing to these Trump apologists. The count so far includes Trump’s National Security Director, his campaign manager and one of his top foreign policy people. They have all pled guilty to charges but still these partisan GOP assholes don’t want to recognize the importance of what Mueller is doing.

These traitors seem to have forgotten that the reason the people of this country are spending millions on this investigation is to find out what the Russians did to invade our elections and weather or not Donald Trump was involved. All of the Republicans on the panel seem to have abandoned that goal and are only interested in stopping Mueller from getting to the point where he will have irrevocable evidence that Trump acted to obstruct justice and colluded with the Russians to subvert our elections.

These GOP committee members are the scum who backed a degenerate like Trump just to keep a Democrat out of the White House. These are the same jackasses who backed a child molester just so the Democrats wouldn’t get another Senator elected. These are men who have sold out their honor; their honesty and their country for a political party that is interested only is placating its rich donors.

Just look at them; old, pasty white vampires, living off the blood of their fanatic voters and doing it to gain more gold from their rich backers. They are the antithesis of what made this country great. They are the bloodsuckers that will eat their young. I was once a Republican. I left the party years ago because I realized that it was a party based on cannibalizing everyone, even its supporters, just to maintain its own position in the power structure of the nation. Right now, GOP policy is the policy of greed. It looks to help no one but rich donors. It looks only to promote agendas that allow its own to rise to power.

When a Republican President’s policies of deregulation allowed the greediest among us to cheat everyone and crash the economy no one in the GOP stepped forward and tried to stop him. And when a newly elected president who just happened to be black and a Democrat jumped in to stop the flood of lost jobs and stolen homes, the greedy GOP fought him every step of the way. When that same President jammed through an admittedly flawed health care system, those same greedy slobs, instead of helping to fix it, fought him all the way. After all, their rich clientele didn’t need healthcare and who gave a shit about he people who did.


The NY Times recently did a report on Trump’s penchant for lying about everything. They didn’t count exaggerations or misstatements or the stuff that was close to a lie but wasn’t a whopper. They totaled up 124 lies so far this year. That’s 124 lies so big and so obvious that they cannot possibly be misconstrued. Of course the Trump supporters came after the Times and whined that every President lies. So the Times went through all the Obama speeches and statements in the eight years he was in office and they came up with 18 lies. That means that Obama lied about twice a year while Trump is lying at a rate of 124 per 11 months. Do you get the picture?

Yes that’s right! Our current president is the biggest liar in history of the Presidency. Hell, he’s the biggest liar since Pinocchio. But not only does he lie. When he’s questioned on a lie he doubles down on it. None of the doubling down was counted so the 124 lies are really hundreds and hundreds of lies. In fact it’s hard to find a Trump statement that doesn’t have some level of untruth in it. That’s who the dumb or the immoral people in America voted for as their President. Now those people may not have gotten smarter but they sure as hell have gotten pissed off; so much so, in fact, that they are discarding Trump at an amazing rate. His approval rating is now down to 32%, the lowest of any President in the history of such polls.

Trump has just about destroyed the Republican Party, mainly because they were stupid enough to follow him down the rabbit hole. Whereas before the 2016 election they held a majority of governorships and local legislators jobs. They have now fallen out of favor, because they are blindly following Trump to the tune of 31% approval rating as opposed to the Democratic approval rating of 61%. That is as big a gap as there ever has been. That is enormous and bodes badly for the GOP in the 2018 elections.

You can say that his base should blame Trump for their predicament, but they can really blame only their own greed and stupidity. Their President backed a child molester in the Senatorial election in Alabama. Normally, it is almost impossible for a Democrat to get elected in Alabama. In fact the Democrats didn’t even run anyone in the last Senatorial election because they knew it was futile. This time they won, not because they did everything right or had a world class candidate but because the GOP did everything wrong and had what may be the worst candidate in American political history.


When Donald Trump ran for office he promised the people of this country that he was going to fight the moneyed establishment and help them improve their lives. So how did he do this? By backing a failed health care plan that would kick 24 million off the health care rolls and now by backing a tax reform bill that will help big business and the already rich while it balloons the deficit by $1.3 trillion. But as if adding to our already overstuffed deficit wasn’t bad enough, the real result of this horrendous tax bill is even worse because once we balloon the deficit we will be giving the phony conservatives an excuse not to spend any money on the things that are really important to anyone with even a smidgeon of intelligence.

What this awful bill means is millions losing their health care, no new money for any kind of education and absolutely no money for infrastructure. All so a few billionaires can make even more money than they already do. All so the distance between millionaires and regular people who have to struggle to keep heir heads above water grows larger and larger every day. This is what the irresponsible Republicans are calling a middle class tax bill. Who could even imagine what a rich person’s tax bill would look like? Everyone who made under a hundred thousand a year would be sold into slavery.

Considering that two GOP Senators are indisposed by illness it looked like Marco Rubio and Bob Corker would be able to hold up the bill, at least until after the first of the year but Rubio’s principled stand against lowering the top tax rate and throwing out a child tax credit went down the drain when the GOP crooks gave him a small taste and he faded and shut up. Corker seems to have gone south too so it looks like this horrendous piece of legislation will pass.

So screw you all you hard working people who haven’t pocketed your first million yet. Just don’t be stupid again. It’s imperative, that next November, you remember the screwing you got from Trump and his bought and paid for GOP congressmen. Don’t let them fast-talk you out of the pain this tax bill is going to cost you. Remember, for one whole year they got absolutely zero done in congress despite having both houses and the Presidency. Now they will be cheering their only piece of legislation but on November 8, 2018 you will get the chance to pay them back for the only thing the GOP passed in a year; a bill that screwed you.

Remember that after you put Trump and all his buddies in office, they screwed you. Remember, their promises to get you a better life and to make America great again were just bullshit spread across the airwaves to screw you again. And if on next Election Day, you don’t remember the ways they have screwed you ever since they got into power, then plain and simple, you deserve to have gotten screwed.


And before we leave you, one more thought to rub you the wrong way. When this tax bill adds $1.3 trillion to the deficit, and while the poor and middle class are getting screwed to help pay for that #1.3 trillion, Trump was still blabbering about building his idiotic wall. That little disaster will now cost upwards of thirty billion bucks. Yeah you read right! And since we don’t want to add any more to the deficit where will that thirty billion come from? Well it could come out of the $200 billion that it will cost to rebuild Houston or the sum close to that, which Puerto Rico will need to repair its hurricane damage. But to take the wall money out of the money being used to repair those two hurricane disasters we would to have that money in the first place. But we don’t, because we just gave the filthy rich a tax break that will eat that money. And we are giving the super rich corporations a tax break that will eat more of that money. And we are going to let corporations who hid money overseas bring it back and get a tax break on that too. So fuck you America, the rich bitches are giving it to you again! But that’s nothing. Just wait till we get the bill for the fires in California. That’s going to make Houston and Puerto Rico look like chump change. And where will that money come from after we give the Pentagon, the most wasteful operation in the world, a hundred billion more than even they asked for because the National Draft Dodger likes to kiss the ass of the military. Funny what guilt will do to you!

Where the hell is all this money supposed to come from now that we have given billions away in a tax cut to the only people who don’t need it and historically won’t spend it to do the country any good. Can’t you see that corporate tax saving of 13% trickling down your leg into your shoe? You better be able to, because that’s the best thing that will happen to you from saving it for the rich. The GOP that is solely responsible for this abortion of a tax bill should face the noose and Trump who is cheering them on belongs under the big knife. There are many who think Melania bears a striking resemblance to Marie Antoinette. Yeah, let them eat cake!


Dec 12 17

Seeking Values in a Leadership without Morals

by The Urban Curmudgeon

I  am writing this on December 7th 2017, the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a military blunder that has gone down in history as one of the biggest mistakes any nation ever made because it was the catalyst for our country’s entry into WWII. As a consequence it would crush Japan as a nation and lead to the destruction of two of its major cities and a million casualties. But our entry into the war would also change the world and formulate circumstances that would eventually lead to the world we live in today.

Before WWII we were basically an isolationist nation and before Pearl Harbor, despite the pleas of Winston Churchill we were getting more isolationist by the day. The Japanese forced us to join a war initiated by Nazi Germany; win it and change the way the whole world was structured. WWII marked the United States as the greatest nation in the world. It placed this nation firmly at he top of the world structure in both military and financial terms. 76 years later it led to us being alone at the pinnacle of world powers.

When during ne campaign, Trump raved about making America great again, the idea behind that slogan was that America was at that point, not great. This, according to Trump, was due to failures by Barak Obama. He claimed he would improve things. In fact that was just another of Trump’s plethora of lies. You can’t even chalk it up to stupidity because he knew that we were the greatest country in the world and he just chose to lie about it to get a good slogan. He knew America was already the largest economy with the strongest military in the world and that everyone looked to us for leadership.

Now Trump, because he is an egomaniacal sociopath bent on some Bannon inspired isolationist strategy, is busy giving up world leadership. Almost everything he has done internationally, has belittled our country and made it less effective in dealing with the world in general. In breaking our treaties and trade deals be has destroyed the rest of the world’s ability to rely on our word as a nation and crippled our position in the international financial world.

Trump along with the bloodsucking tic, Steve Bannon, who remains firmly attached to his ass, is trying to destroy this country. The concept of isolationism that they are promoting is no longer viable in the modern world. Hell, it wasn’t viable in the world of 1941 as proved by our failure to maintain it in a world with Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. It’s an even more idiotic concept in today’s world with life ending weapons proliferating all over the globe, with instant communication available to all, and with changing alliances proliferating across the planet.

We are faced with the problem of a lazy, egomaniacal, liar who has displayed neither the intelligence to solve the problems he sought, nor an interest in finding out how to deal with them.

Donald Trump sees himself as a dictator. He displays no understanding of how to do his job and his ego prevents any attempt to seek enlightenment in a miasma of chaos that has grown to proportions far beyond his ability to control it. What’s even worse is that all new evidence seems to be pointing to the fact that the office, he never thought he would win is providing him and his associates with opportunities to enlarge his own personal wealth at the expense of the nation.

New evidence has emerged that eleven minutes into Trump’s inaugural speech, Mike Flynn, his Director of National Security, was emailing a business associate named Copson about how much money they were going to make by the Trump administration’s lifting of sanctions so they could partner with the Russians in creating nuclear power plants in the Middle East. Trump was always about skinning the suckers. He still is, but now the suckers extend to all the American people.

But what kind of lunacy, you may ask is involved in creating nuclear reactors in the Middle East? Copson explained, in the presence of the whistleblower, that this would provide us with an excuse to provide military forces to protect the nuclear facilities and thereby allow us get our troops into every country that had them. It seemed, according to the whistleblower quoting Copson, that this would eventually give us the opportunity to re-colonize the Middle East, an idea that seems to fit right in with Trump’s dictatorial ambitions. Remember this conversation took place even as Trump was making giving his inaugural speech. He was barely in office and already he was working on ways to make money off the Presidency.


In the same vein, Trump’s latest stupidity, the recognition of the Israeli capital as Jerusalem makes no international sense whatsoever. What does make sense, if one is willing to accept that Trump has no interest in helping anyone but himself, is that his idiotic move was done to appease big Jewish donors like Sheldon Addelson and his buddies.

But still Trump tries to lie his way through what is obviously a self-aggrandizing decision by speaking to the idea that this will lead to peace in that region. Really? So why is every Muslim in the world chanting for the death of America? At least 17 countries, including all of our most important allies have condemned the move because they realize that this will make peace in the region impossible.

Trump and his buddies, Addelson and Netanyahu don’t want peace, mainly because the only way to get peace is to give back a big hunk of the West Bank to the Palestinians. They want the continuance of the status quo, which is an uneasy calm that can erupt into war at any second.


This week Jackson, Mississippi opened a Museum dedicated to the Civil Rights movement. John Lewis who was almost beaten to death on the bridge to Selma was not there. Neither were many other heroes of the Civil Rights movement. But the Bigot-in-Chief was there. The nation’s top racist made a hollow and heartless speech. How could it be otherwise considering his racist blabbering after Charlotte?

Trump was invited by the governor of Mississippi and his presence was responsible for keeping many of the men and women who were honored in that museum from attending a ceremony that would give this racist President a photo op he certainly doesn’t deserve.

I am a big fan of John Lewis with whom, despite my admiration, I have sometimes disagreed. I think he missed the boat on this one. I understand why he was a no-show but I think that Lewis, like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker needed to stay in the game and not quit but to carry the fight to the ramparts. Just think what a speech by Lewis pointing out all the ways that this bigot President had failed in trying to heal the rift between the races would have gone over.

Don’t forget, this is the same President who is endorsing, a twice-fired judge who is believably accused of pedophilia and who just the other day stated openly and shamelessly that this was a better country when we had slavery. And he’s running in a state only 95 miles from Jackson.

The point here is, that walking away or just not showing up isn’t the answer to fighting those that have no shame, no values and no morals. If we are going to beat these guys we have to show up at the campaign stops and the polls. But most of all we have to show up at any opportunity to denounce and unfrock them.

There is no bigger vote that the Democrats must get out in a low vote election like this one than the black vote. The white vote that favors Moore says, sure he’s a child molester and a failed judge but he thinks like us. He wants what we want. He’s against gays and abortion and he’s an Evangelist Christian. So the black voters of Alabama must say the same thing. He’s a child molester, he’s a failed judge and he believes in slavery and will vote for all the Republican bills that will hurt us.

That’s the message that must be sold to the black voters of Alabama or Roy Moore, child molester, racist, disbarred judge will add to the rotting sludge currently drowning the US Senate.

Martha Radatz on This Week asked a very significant question of Terri Sewell the only black congresswoman from Alabama. Radatz pointed out that Doug Jones had come out for a woman’s right to get an abortion despite the fact that 58% of Alabamans had indicated that they were against any kind of abortion. Radatz asked if the congresswoman thought Jones was wrong in stating his position on controversial subjects. It’s a question that goes right to the heart of what we want from our legislators.

Probably the biggest problem we have with politicians in general is, politicians don’t tell the truth,a politician will fudge a controversial position rather than saying; yes this is what I believe but my opponent will not tell you the truth about what he believes. A politician will only tell you want you want to hear and if you put him in office he will then do as he pleases regardless of what you want or what he has previously said.. This is what the voters of Alabama are facing today. It’s what the voters of this nation faced on Election Day, 2016. They chose a liar and a degenerate. Will they do the same now? Forget Roy Moore’s sexual predilections. Look only at what he has done in his previous political career. Roy is very good at getting elected but very bad at doing any kind of job for the people who elect him. He was twice elected as a judge and both times his traitorous inability to understand or follow the Constitution of the United States got him kicked out of his judgeships. While we shouldn’t forget that Roy Moore likes to fondle little girls, we need to concentrate on the fact that he has been a miserable failure at every previous job to which he’s been elected. There’s no conjecture about that. That’s provable fact. Despite all their obfuscations, it’s clear that Moore’s backers want to keep his inability to keep it in his pants front and center because that can’t be proven. What can be proven is that he was a rotten judge- twice, and that he was fired from judgeships – twice! He will be a rotten Senator if elected because he’s a rotten human being. And by the way, maybe you don’t believe the women because you are a misogynist, but what about the men who include a former cop who have told us that Moore was banned from a mall for chasing after under age girls? It appears that all those Holy Roller Evangelical Christians have to decide what’s more important to them; a liberal who may not feel the way they do about gay marriage or a pervert who wants a piece of their underage daughters.


Chuck Todd made a significant statement on his Meet the Press show this Sunday. He stated that if Doug Jones said he was pro-life he would win this election in a landslide. He’s right, dead right and therein lies a huge problem. The white Christian Evangelicals of Alabama and a good part of the south are so involved with single, religionist driven issues that they cannot see the forest of other, far more important, issues that are all part of the political spectrum.

The Evangelical movement, both Catholic and Christian has, over the years, sold itself on the basis of its belief in the confirmation of certain moral values. Many in the movement have managed to maintain these values even as the movement’s leadership, preaching from huge venues to thousands of sheep ripe for the fleecing, abandoned Jesus Christ for the gold found in their temples.

Now, that failed leadership has abandoned any moral stance in favor of political power in the form of Donald Trump and his valueless Presidency. This is currently seen in Alabama, a stronghold of the Evangelical Movement, where that movement seems to have completely abandoned all moral values in the backing of a candidate backed by a President who promises to fulfill one or two of their needs while ignoring or opposing the things that will most help them and their families. But in order to gain those one or two significant goals, they must ignore the basis of their beliefs, must abandon any morals or Christian values and vote for a man who molests little girls, who failed twice as a judge because of his discarding of the constitution and who speaks as a bigot and a racist. And they must do it at the behest of a president to speaks openly of his ability to molest women just because of his celebrity and who has posted a resume of dishonest and morally reprehensible behavior that should see him condemned by anyone with any personal morals. It will be interesting to see on Tuesday, where these ardent followers of Jesus Christ really stand.





Dec 7 17

A Nation Without a Rudder

by The Urban Curmudgeon

General Michael Flynn, the Trump nominee as the Director of National Security, the man who instituted the Lock her up!” chant at Trump rallies, may now be in line to get locked up himself, and he may be bringing his son with him. If that’s not ironic, nothing is.

Flynn could have been charged with a lot more than he was, which leads inexorably to the point that he has given up a lot to keep himself and his son out of jail. So what could that be? Well, first it has to be someone more important than he was. That kind of narrows it down to Jared Kushner, Mike Pence or Donald Trump. It probably wasn’t Pence because Pence has never been part of the Trump team. He’s the easy guy to pick for the VP post. He would always be a little further Right than Trump. Maybe even the guy who keeps us from wanting to impeach Trump because you really don’t want a religious fanatic like Pence in the Oval Office.

So that leaves Jared and the Liar-in-Chief. Will Kushner fold when faced with a cell? If you really think he won’t, I have a bridge that you simply must buy. If, on the other hand, you understand that this rich punk who followed in his criminal father’s footsteps isn’t going to let a little thing like a marriage get in the way of his freedom, then you’re beginning to understand how deep the shit is under Trump’s loafers.


Just watched Corey Lewendowski and David Bossie, two former Trump campaign officials who despite greatattempts, can’t get their noses far enough up Trump’s ass to make them happy. They have written a book about what a great guy Trump is and they couldn’t have groveled lower. So when they are asked about the attempt by Trump to deny that it was his voice on the Access Hollywood tape even after he admitted that it was, they immediately switch the conversation to the tax bill. Now you have to understand that there was no mention whatsoever of the tax bill before this moment but Corey has turned obfuscation into an art form.

It doesn’t seem to occur to either of these morons that the truth has any importance. They are exactly the plague that has infected the Republican Party, a deadly virus that allows for no truth to be expected from the Liar-in-Chief, only lies to support GOP needs, no veracity to be allowed in a world of alternate reality that is the only atmosphere in which their world of lies can exist.


Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd has, as a means to dismiss what Robert Mueller is doing, said that he wrote Trump’s email admitting that he dismissed Comey because he lied to Pence and the FBI. He also stated that the President cannot obstruct justice because he is the President. Just think about that. Think about the absurdity of such a statement The President cannot obstruct justice. If you follow that to its logical conclusion, it means that the President is above the law and he can do anything he wants and will bear no responsibility for his actions. That he is, in fact a dictator and that the constitution stands for nothing.

Now, if you believe this, you can line up with Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Roy Moore and the rest of the Trump sycophants who believe he can do no evil. If you find something wrong with it you can line up with those who believe that if he is proven to have been compliant with the Russians in their hacking of our election or if he is provn to have conspired to obstruct justice that he will be open to impeachment proceedings led by the Republican Party, just like they did with Bill Clinton for the egregious federal offense of getting a blow job and lying about it.

Ryan and McConnell are heading those responsible for Trump’s freedom because as the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate they have the duty and responsibility to institute impeachment hearings for a President who has proven over and over, by his own statements and his egregious actions that he is unfit to be President of the United States. The President, just like the people he leads, must be held accountable for his actions and so far Trump’s money and now his position have enabled him to escape his just deserts for any number of unacceptable actions, starting before he was President with the Trump University scams and cheating his workers and his contractors on business deals, to his hopefully soon to be proven obstruction of justice actions. This, of course, does not even touch on his inability to tell truth from fiction, or his attacks on anyone who has not completely agreed with him on all subjects to something as inconsequential but meaningful as trying to sell his inaugural crowd as being as big as that drawn by the Women’s march.

Trump is a bloviating, bumbling incompetent liar. He will do anything to look like he is a successful leader except put in the time and effort to learn what that entails. He has neither the skill set nor the intestinal fortitude to be a leader to anyone, other than those who are so blind they cannot see.

And as if to prove that Trump’s administration and those who infest it are not only dishonest but brute stupid, I give you Paul Manafort, the creator of Trump’s campaign. As most of us know, Manafort has just been released on bail from any number of federal charges. But bail isn’t a free ride. There are any number of restrictions that go with it. In Manafort’s case they include not drinking alcohol, not being in contact with anyone Russian and not communicating anything about any of the things with which he has been charged.

So what does Manafort do? First he contacts a member of Russian intelligence and then he cooperates with this guy in writing an article pushing his innocence, which he “cleverly” decides to publish anonymously while detailing his trials and tribulations. That’s two out of three parole violations but of course he’s going to need all the alcohol he can drink to get through the trouble his latest moves are going to cause him. Manafort’s actions can only be construed as beyond stupid but then that’s how the Trump people all act. Then they lie about it.


A year ago, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln had taken over the Presidency, the Senate, the House and most of the Supreme Court, along with a majority of the governorships and a huge chunk of state legislatures. They controlled the country. They were at the pinnacle of political power. One year later; after 12 months of nothing succeeding, after an entire party has given up on any sense of principals or values, they are facing ultimate destruction.

his week the President, followed by his party, have thrown away everything that makes men better than snakes for the sake of a tax bill. They have embraced this man who has been accused by no less than nine women of having pursued them sexually when they were children. The party embraced this guy while being led by a President the people already voted for, with full knowledge that he thought it was okay to grab women by their private parts, a man who has admitted that he acted in obstruction of justice and is busy abusing the privileges of the Presidency.

But there is still a tiny part of the Republican Party that realizes what a disaster this Presidency is, what a destructive influence it is on their party, how it will demoralize the country and how it is destabilizing the world. But that small fraction, led by legislators like Corker, Flake, Lee, Murkowski, Collins and occasionally Cain are so small a group as to be pretty much helpless to turn the tide of greed, racism, misogyny and small mindedness that have overtaken our political system. And it’s not just the GOP. The Democrats are now willing to sit by, calmly doing nothing, waiting for the GOP to self-explode, rather than step up and try to make a difference.

This is extremely evident in the negotiations for the new tax bill, which despite its obvious appeal only to the top 1% has almost no opposition from the Democrats. Sure they are all voting against it, but not one Democratic proposal has made its way to the floor. Yes, this is mainly due to the GOP control of the Senate and House but that shouldn’t stop the Democrats from trying. They should be able to say: We wanted to do it this way but you, the voters, didn’t give us enough ammunition. At the very least, they would then have active proposals to put before the people as evidence that they could do a better job starting in 2018,

At any given time half the people in any country are too stupid to make a logical decision. Those people are the basis of dictatorships. Those are the people who will give up their lives to a strong man who will abuse and destroy his own population for his own aggrandizement.

In this country we have taken a different road. We give everyone the vote, without having to prove that they have the intelligence to vote the way we think is proper. That’s how Donald Trump became the president of this country. But despite Trump’s failings it’s still the better way. Trump is only one of 45 presidents in our history. It’s a country that has been, since its inception, the most successful in the history of the world. We still have the best system but we have to be very resourceful to maintain it against the kind of tragic election, which we have just experienced.

But it wasn’t just because of stupidity that Trump was elected, because stupidity has always been with us. It is also about an abandonment of values and the growth of greed. Greed has always been with us too, but until recently it was not considered a good thing. With the loss of our values we have embraced greed to an extent that allows it to flourish in our society to the detriment of the nation as a whole.

It was the need of some voters to get what they wanted regardless of the character of the man they elected to get it that led to Trump in the Oval Office. Now we are looking at another election where the citizens of Alabama are faced withthe same dilemma. Will they make the same greedy, immoral choice? We’ll know in a week.


Already they’re running amok! It was inevitable. With all the female abuse revelations, it had to happen. The Puritan Police are on the move. If we aren’t careful we’ll be back in the 50’s before we know it. Some idiotic website called Care2, run by a prude named Mia Merrill has come out of the woodwork to replay The Crucible for us. Only this time it isn’t witchcraft but perversity or at least that’s what ole Mia would have us believe.

The object of Mia the miserable’s ire is a painting in the Metropolitan Museum called “Terese’ Dreaming,” by the French artist Balthus. Horror of horrors, Balthus work depicts a young girl staring off into space, but the offending aspect is that one leg is raised and we get a glimpse of her underwear. Now if this was 1917 instead of 2017 I could see the uproar but give me a break! One wonders what’s in Ms. Merrill’s head that this image brings forth such a reaction. I really thought we had gotten past this, at least fifty years ago. For an observer to be so engaged by an image, book or film, as Ms. Merrill seems to be, that observer must be enough in tune with the object in question to have serious problems in that area. I mean, look, maybe the painting isn’t bible class material but you have to be pretty screwed up yourself to be making such a stink about it. Maybe Ms. Merrill should look to her own motives and perversions before she tries to impose her medieval sensibilities on the rest of us.


Steve Bannon, the open garbage can that walks like a man, went down to Alabama this week to pound the slimy drum for Trump senatorial candidate and child molester Roy Moore. But he didn’t really talk about Roy Moore, mainly because there isn’t anything positive to say about a guy who was twice elected to judgeships and both times kicked out f them because he couldn’t figure out how to stay within the bounds of the constitution while he was supposedly administrating it.

Bannon did talk about Mitt Romney… a lot. Why did he do that? Who knows? Maybe it was because Romney is against Moore. But everybody should be against Roy Moore. The only reason why all the Republicans have reneged on their dismissal of Moore is that they care more about getting that seat in the Senate than they do about the fact that he is a crackpot and a pedophile. Once more, led by the President, the GOP has given up their values and morals for political gain.

But back to Bannon and his attack on Romney. For some reason Bannon decided to go after military service or the lack of it in the Romney family. How could he do this when he is promoting the national draft dodger himself? Donald Trump got five draft deferrals for a bone spur while he was playing football and tennis in college and on the day he graduated 40 American kids who didn’t have a rich daddy to buy them out of the draft were killed in Nam.

Did Bannon forget this? It’s obvious that he shouldn’t want to face it so why bring up military service at all, in reference to anyone? It was even dumber than most of what Bannon has done so far. We know that Bannon has a dream of destroying the existing political order. He has said so himself. So what does that make him? In my book it makes him a traitor. In my book Bannon belongs in jail. America would be a hell of a lot better off. But the real problem for the Republicans if Moore is elected through their help will be that their party will forever be known as, thank you Chris Matthews; the Grand Old Pedophiles.


The Idiot-in-Chief made another inexplicably stupid move this morning when he declared that we would now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why? Every American President since 1947 has been faced with this decision and they have all done the right thing. They have backed off it and left that decision to the Israelis and the Palestinians. Why did Trump do this now? You want a reasonable answer? There is none. Even the Jews don’t think of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A lot f them would like that, but no one actually thinks that way. This decision will cause nothing but trouble. Maybe Trump thought that by making such a stupid move he could take the pressure off the North Korean problem or the Russia investigation or any of his other real problems. That’s how the Idiot thinks. That’s his modus operandi, but in this case it will do nothing but cause trouble. He is alienating over a billion Muslims worldwide and inciting violence aimed at all our embassies in Muslim countries. It was a ridiculous move but what else should we expect from a man who has no knowledge of what he should be doing or how he should be doing it.



Dec 4 17

Bits & Pieces #99

by The Urban Curmudgeon

Nick Mulvaney, a clown who wanted to get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was appointed by the idiot in the White House as head of that agency this weekend. The CFPB was put together by Elizabeth Warren to protect you and me from predatory big business, which is always trying to screw us.

Mulvaney has called the Bureau a joke but the only joke is Mulvaney and the asshole that appointed him


Donald Trump, the would-be dictator keeps attacking the free press in this country. Of course he hates the press because it is free to say stuff about him that he doesn’t like. Trump the most outrageous liar in the history of the Presidency calls the news “fake.”   Sure, sometimes there’s “fake news” especially when it’s being reported by Fox News, but most news by reliable outlets like NY Times and The Washington Post is very reliable as has been proven over the last hundred years. Trump has only discovered “fake news” in the last couple of years as he continues being caught in his thousands of lies.

It has gotten to the point where nothing Trump says can be believed by anyone but those few die hard fanatics who refuse to see anything wrong with a man who lies constantly and by his own admission abuses women.


So all the noise about sexual harassment has finally made its way to someone that the liberals didn’t want involved. I’m talking about Al Franken. What’s interesting is that Franken’s mess straddled the areas of accusation that have made up most of the stories; entertainment and politics. Let me try to shed some light on bow the various players’ inappropriate actions stack up against each other. The stars of the controversy so far are:

Donald Trump: accused by many women of inappropriate behavior. He paid them off and there is no one left to publicly accuse him – except the girls from the beauty pageants who seemingly have not been contacted yet. Of course it’s not like they don’t have enough to say to generate a headline. Trump has not just confessed to inappropriate behavior but has bragged about it. No apologies forthcoming. But wait! Just yesterday Trump decided to declare that the voice of the Access Hollywood tape is not his but that of an impersonator.

Roy Moore– It started with one woman, a Trump voter and has grown to a flock of accusers. This all involved teenaged girls, some under the age of consent, so we are talking about criminal acts in some instances. And it’s not just the girls but employees of a mall from which he was banned who are accusing him. He refuses to admit anything and has solicited a coterie of degenerate evangelical minsters who will accept any perverted behavior as long as their candidate is against gay marriage and abortion. They attack the women and the press and sing his dubious praises to their congregations. Why are these men, supposedly of God, defending a degenerate child molester? It’s pretty simple really. Moore backs up all their homophobic, misogynistic, racist beliefs and they know he will fight the fight they want him to fight.

So both of the above along with most of the entertainment figures so far involved in abusing women were in positions of power. This seems to be one of the principle attractions to the various perverts. Trump bragged about being able to wander around in the dressing rooms of his pageants while the girls were undressing. They were young girls and too intimidated to say anything. Moore played out his various perversions on the bodies of young teenagers even though he was in his thirties.

With Franken it was different.

Al Franken- The woman accusing Franken seems to have been on equal footing on the power scale with Franken: At the time of his transgression, in her own description of the incident they were supposed to kiss during a comedy sketch and she didn’t want to. Sure Al is nobody’s sex symbol but if Ms. Tweeden, who we have been told is a Republican, had reservations about kissing him, she was in a position to say so. She should have voiced those objections, that, by her own admission, she didn’t. So he did what the scene called for. She obviously didn’t like it and sticking his tongue down her throat surely didn’t help, but it really couldn’t be called any kind of an assault, certainly nothing like Trump’s grabbing girls by the pussy or Moore’s groping of underage girls. We’re talking about apples and oranges here and if you don’t see that it’s time to open your eyes. There is no comparison of what Franken did and what Trump and Moore have continued to do. If you think there is, you’re full of shit!


The Trump administration held a conference this week to promote the use of fossil fuels. Really? Promote fossil fuels? That’s like throwing a smoker for a reunion of cancer survivors.


Our pathetic President has now picked a fight with Time Magazine over whether or not he will be their Man of the Year in 2017. This is important, right? This is what the President of the greatest country in the world should be wasting his time on? With all the real problems inherent in the Oval Office, this clown is worrying about being on the cover of a magazine.

I hope his base is watching this. Maybe along with his backing of a child molester for the Senate, this will finally give those Evangelicals who don’t seem to find sex with children a problem, a real look at what they elected. And maybe they’ll start to wonder what the hell they did.


The members of Congress each in their own inadequate way, are considering what the Republicans have described as the most complicated piece of legislation ever considered by American legislators; a tax bill. Based on their own description, one would think that they would have debates, meetings, open hearings and any number of other transparent investigations of what they are talking about. No way! The current GOP has stuffed the process into a backroom. Under the GOP, the legislative process has degenerated into the worst kind of underhanded deal making; a process in which the American people are left out in the cold and virtually without representation.

The only ones being represented in the current GOP dealings are the big donors that allow these cheap crooks to win elections and get into office.

The really unfortunate part of the whole process is the GOP is selling such a gigantic scam that they are forced to lie about it at every turn. We all see the commercials backed by Right Wing groups telling us how the tax bill will save the middle class. But anyone who has done even the smallest bit of research on the subject can see that these commercials are nothing but lies. The bill; obviously to anyone with even the least bit f economic background, steals from the poor to gives to the rich and while doing so, it, builds a crushing deficit, something that the Republicans have always said they were against.

For a couple of hundred years the GOP has babbled for solid economic policies. The current brigade of crooks in congress just doesn’t care. They only seek is to fawn before their rich backers and continue to get the bucks they need to compete in the electoral marketplace. You may say I‘m crazy but there is no other logical explanation for a bill that raises the deficit by over a trillion bucks while it cuts taxes on big corporations and gives money to those that don’t need it, even as it further reduces the possibilities for those that are struggling to get a small grip on their fiscal lives.


Is he really crazy? That’s the big question of the day and all the days that will come next. Our country is currently engaged with a North Korean dictatorship that will do anything, kill any number of people, to maintain its regime. Kim Jung Un understands that if he weakens we will kill him. He has seen us do it twice in the Middle East in recent years with Kaddafi and Saddam.

But our President, instead of realizing the situation and dealing with it in some logical way that does not include name calling and war inciting threats; spends his time attacking long gone former President Obama and former opponent Hillary Clinton who he unfortunately beat in the electoral college. (College? These guys didn’t even get out of grade school.)

Trump isn’t governing the country. He spends his time tweeting about unimportant, childish fights with anyone who disagrees with him. He has no concept of foreign policy but still makes no attempt to understand it. He has no idea what his decimated State Department used to do and doesn’t care. He currently operates under the demented concept that he can run it by himself and in that vein he has cut the jobs there by half, thereby losing hundreds of professionals and all their knowledge as well as their contacts, built up over decades.

Even if you agree with Trump’s stupidities you have to realize that the way he manifests them is not normal. Everyone lies to some extent, but Trump lies because he is able to speak. He lies about stuff he said hours before. He lies about things that are obviously not true, things that anyone can see are lies and he just does it anyhow. This is not normal or rational behavior. Normal people don’t look at a picture of an empty field next to a picture of a field full of people and say that they are the same. Normal people don’t attack Gold Star families. It is not normal to be so afflicted with the God complex that one will not take advice from anyone or listen to anyone who has more experience just because you were elected to national office.

The real problem is that Trump is not yet a slobbering, drooling mad dog. The problem is made worse because he is the President of a great country with the power to do great damage to the world. But the problem must be recognized despite this. One example of the problem manifesting itself can be seen in Trump’s behavior relative to the Russian involvement in our elections. James Comey saw this as a huge problem and so he went ahead with an investigation. Trump fired Comey using his handling of the Hillary Clinton emails as an excuse. The rest of the government saw Trump’s firing of Comey as an attempt to cover up his own involvement in the Russian affair so they opened both Senate and House investigations into the Russian involvement in our elections which everyone including Trump suspects will lead to Trump’s compliance with the Russians. Robert Mueller was appointed as a Special Prosecutor to run the investigation. So does Trump shut up and let the investigations that are really into his previous behavior go ahead like any sane man would? Does he stay out of the way and hope they fizzle out? No! He goes right back into the fire, trying to convince varies members of congress to drop the investigations, further proving that he is compliant in the obstruction of justice. There are only two conclusions. Either Trump is the dumbest man ever to cross Pennsylvania Avenue or he is certifiably insane.


So it started today. Big time! Michael Flynn pled guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI. It’s a felony that carries a five-year prison term. With all the charges lined up against him and his son, this is a powerful indication that he is really spilling his guts. Mueller is going to use Flynn to drive a stake through Trump’s heart. Flynn is the one who was there from the beginning until he was fired after the election. Manafort is going to jail because Manafort wasn’t involved long enough to have enough on Trump for the big spill. He did have some information and he will get some time off for what he tells Mueller’s people but he will also do serious time. Flynn is the key, Flynn and his son and they are going to sing a Verdi opera.

In the end, depending on what he has to trade with Mueller, Flynn may not even do time. It depends on what he has to sell, and that’s the important part. Flynn is the John Dean of this Presidential downfall. Dean killed Nixon and Flynn will probably be the one to bury Trump.

Ty Cobb, Trump’s lawyer was on the tube today making a statement and whistling in the dark but Cobb and everyone else in the White House has to be in a high state of panic right now. Flynn was in every meeting and knows where all the bodies are buried. Once you agree to cooperate there is no going back unless you want to spend a lot of time in jail and in Flynn’s case, have your son as a cellmate.

It will now start to run up the line. People like Cohen, Martin and Sanders will lead to Kushner and the Trump boys and if you think those brats won’t sell out the old man, think again. The only spine that pair ever had is buried in the rotting corpses of the dead animals they mowed down for fun. I think this will be the greatest example of rats abandoning a ship since the Titanic went down.





Nov 29 17

Odd Thoughts for an Odder Time

by The Urban Curmudgeon


It’s no secret that the Trump administration has been at a loss to fill many government jobs and that this has seriously damaged the administration’s ability to function on any serious level. The State Department has a huge hole in its ranks especially when it comes to ambassadors and foreign embassy staff. Trump, thinking like the Little Dictator, has made it clear that he figures he can take care of all this stuff just by waving his hand, but this is the most powerful and one of the largest nations in the world and it takes more than just a dunce waving his tiny hand to make it go.

A prime example of this was seen today on Face the Nation when host, John Dickerson interviewed author Michael Lewis who has written a book entitled The Undoing Project, in which he illustrates how the failure of the Trump administration to be prepared to run a country will probably do incredible damage to our nation fifty years down the road.

Lewis uses the Agriculture Department as a prime example, Most people think of the Agriculture Department as the people who give subsidies to farmers and that’s true but it also has a $3 billion annual budget for scientific development programs that will alter what we grow and how it will deal with the climate changes that will dictate whether or not we have enough food in 2067 to feed the country.

Lewis explains that the Obama administration spent the better part of its last year in office preparing for the transition, developing informational literature and transition materials so when the next government took office it would have the information that would allow it to function smoothly. Then on the day after the inauguration when the new government made up of the people chosen by new President Trump was supposed to move into their offices, no one showed up. Who knows how Trump spent the time between the election and the inauguration but it wasn’t in doing his job. He hadn’t hired any of the people necessary to run the country. This clown who constantly describes himself as a great business man but who actually ran a Mom ‘n Pop operation, had no idea how to run a huge country like this and was too dumb and too stubborn to ask for help. And things haven’t changed since. So there’s really no one running our government.

Cathy Witecki, the woman who led the Agriculture Department’s scientific development arm has been with the agency for almost 50 years; learning her job and those of the people around her. She has a scientific background plus a thorough knowledge of the problems that exist and how to deal with them.

When he finally did appoint someone to replace Witecki, Trump found a clown named Sam Clovis, a radical right talk radio host who knows nothing about anything, and whose only association with the Department of Agriculture and food is that he overeats to a grotesque degree. Clovis has since been fired for other reasons but now the job is empty. Does anyone think that Trump has enough brains to re-appoint Witecki who actually knows what she is doing? Not a chance. After all, she comes from the Obama administration and for Trump, that’s more important than functional qualifications.

Lewis states unequivocally that the government is filled with people who care about their jobs, who are trying to make America better and it’s those people who are making America work, not the political appointees who are looking at what job in the private sector they can get after their politically appointed job. Trump doesn’t understand this because all he has ever thought about or cared about is himself and what he can get from the Presidency. That is all he is interested in.


Just watched a New Jersey millionaire named Eric Schonenberg rip the guts out of a Fox News host with a weird accent named Stuart Varney over the newest GOP tax plan. Schonenberg brought his own tax return with him and just battered Varney into a bloody lump, proving that the new tax plan was just GOP BS and that it would save him and millionaires like him over half the taxes they are currently paying. Varney tried the usual lies and obfuscations, but he was no match for Schonenberg and his facts.


Watched a pair of broadcasters who have a political show in Alabama called Annie and Matt and even after watching the whole interview I couldn’t tell if they were Right or Left leaning and that’s a great thing, especially when you consider their audience.


Watched Martha Raddatz interview Tom Perez the Democratic Chairman and even in victory Perez cannot answer a straight question with a straight answer. That’s why the Democrats may not get congress back in 2018. Yes, they had a significant victory last week but they still have many of the same problems that kept them from office for the last eight years.

It’s time for the Democrats to stop bashing Trump. There are plenty of us outside the party to do that. We all know that he’s an egomaniacal, degenerate, lying sociopath. Now we want to know what the Democrats can contribute to the conversation. We all know you oppose the GOP’s attempt to dump Obamacare and we all know that’s good. Now we want to know what you are going to do to fix Obamacare because it’s all we’ve got and yes, it needs fixing. We all know that you oppose both the House and the Senate tax proposals but no one has seen a working tax proposal from you. And we all know that the GOP will never come up with a serious bill on functional gun control but you haven’t either and we want to know that you can, before we vote for you.

That’s the problem with the Democrats and if you don’t fix it you may win a couple of more seats in congress just because so many people are disgusted with Trump and the stupid, incompetent, way the Republicans are using their governmental majority to do nothing, but you won’t win all the seats that are available and you won’t get the veto proof control that you need to override Trump and make this a better country.

When asked about Bob Menendez Tom Perez speaks in exactly the same ridiculous way that Republicans speak of Roy Moore. If he can’t bring more to the table than the GOP then there’s no reason to listen to anything he has to say or to vote for his candidates.


Watched John Dickerson conduct a panel of Trump voters, asking them about various aspects of the President’s personality and leadership abilities and it was very surprising. Almost to a man or woman they all saw problems, sometimes very dangerous problems with Trump but all except one still seemed to be fully behind him. One woman described what she felt a president had to be, and then spoke to the fact that Trump fulfilled none of these characteristics but still thought he was doing a good job.

None of these people seemed to realize that though the country was doing okay economically, Trump had very little to do with it. They all spoke to the stock market and lower unemployment with no cognizance of the fact that his only contribution to anything was the hope by the market that his lowering of regulations would bring it higher profits that might, or more probably might not, trickle down to them.


What else did you expect? Trump is again acting like a third world dictator. A couple of weeks ago he denigrated Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not going after Hillary Clinton for anything they can find. Jeff Sessions has stated before a congressional committee that he just doesn’t have the basis for an investigation of the Clintons. So once more Trump is doing the wrong thing, attempting to influence the judicial branch of government to do some dirty work he would like to see done.

Is Trump doing this because he hates the Clintons or because they actually gave money to charity while he promised to do it but never delivered?

This whole idea of chasing the office holder who preceded you is just bad precedent! It will set up a continuum whereby new leaders will prosecute those that they are replacing just like in all the third world dictatorships in the rest of the world. No one had a better case to prosecute a predecessor than Obama did when Bush lied us into two wars and then cut regulations on his friends to set up the crash of 2007. But Obama passed because he recognized the fact that this is a dangerous precedent to set and would only lead to repetition after every election and that would be bad for the country.

Of course Trump isn’t mature or intelligent enough to realize this. He is a small, petty man who is always looking for revenge for any silly reason that comes to his damaged mind. Congress must stand up on its hind legs and refuse this request by Trump and his sycophants.


Now we all know that Donald Trump has almost no familiarity with the truth but his latest outlandish attack on Hillary Clinton seems over the top even for him.

The Accusation: Clinton, while Secretary of State, approved a huge uranium sale to the Russians. The first time this accusation appeared it was attributed to Peter Schweitzer, senior editor of Brietbart. Yeah, we all know what a pile of shit Brietbart is, but that’s not the end of it.

The next year Trump stated that Clinton okayed the deal to sell 20% of our uranium to the Russians while investors in the Russian company gifted $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. This was in November of 2010.

So, let’s look at some facts. First the Clinton State Department had no power to okay or veto any such transaction. By law, when a foreign company wants to buy anything with national security implications the federal government must approve it. A nine member panel at an agency known as CIFUS does that. If even one member of the panel objects the decision goes to the President. But in this case the decision was unanimous. The nine department heads of CIFUS all approved the sale of the uranium to the company based in Canada. There is no evidence that Clinton participated at all in the decision.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission also approved the sale on 11/14/10 but in doing so stipulated that no uranium produced could be exported. The EIA reports that all the uranium went to American power companies. . So Uranium One, the Canadian company in question sold all the uranium to US power companies to use in their power generators.

As to the donations to the Clinton Foundation; Most of them were from one man, Frank Giustra, the founder of Uranium One. He gave $141 million to the Clinton Foundation But he sold his stake in the company in 2007, three years before the deal and before Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. The donations from actual Uranium One investors was really only $4 million..

Trump’s lie is predicated on the fact that Hillary approved the sale. In fact, she did not. The sale was approved by CIFUS and finalized by Obama. Hillary had nothing to do with it. Once more Trump spews out the big lie and once again the fools believe him but it’s just False News.


The religious aspect of our lives reaches far into all parts of America. This morning there was a big story on CBS News about the new Museum dedicated to the Bible in Washington, DC. The Museum is huge, one of the biggest museums in the world, financed by the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby. You may remember Hobby Lobby as the evangelically owned business that didn’t want to pay for women’s health care because it might involve the possibility of birth control devices.

So these super rich evangelical’s, the Green family has now along with other members of their movement laid out a ton of money to create this museum to the Bible. If the news story was accurate there is a lot to be proud of in the creation of this building. But to many of us, there is also the idea that it is a colossal waste of money, money that could have been spent to help the poor, the sick and the under educated.

Why are these ardent followers of the Bible building a temple to a book, when there is such a need for Christian charity in this world? It seems like a terrible waste but this narrow minded evangelical family is not alone. Roman Catholic Cardinal Egan in NYC recently spent over $7 million to clean the front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the same time as he was closing parochial schools for lack of funds. Is this an intelligent or even Christian use of the hard earned money that Catholics contribute to the Church? I think not.

And now there are the Evangelical Christians of Alabama, who are banding together to protect a child molester. They are pushing this degenerate for the Senate just to keep a member of a rival political party from getting into office. Is this the use of religion that inspired the constitution to protect it? Is it the use of religion that inspired that same constitution to demand its separation from the state?

Although not a fan of organized religion, we must realize that it has a place in our society. But in order to maintain that place, the leaders of the various religions must understand that they cannot be allowed to bring the tenants of their various religions into the political sphere or they will be putting their religion in danger of being ostracized. That’s what is happening in Alabama today. Evangelical pastors are giving up their franchise to back a clearly degenerate political candidate with whose political agenda they agree. They already did this in 2016 when they ignored Donald Trump’s self-confessed, clearly degenerate behavior in order to make a political statement. They are doing it again and have clearly violated the parameters that allow their churches many financial and social advantages not available to the rest of society.


The problem with Rand Paul is that his next-door neighbor only broke a couple of his ribs. This idiot is trying to use the already flawed Senate tax bill to get rid of the already accepted Obamacare mandate. It isn’t bad enough that the GP is trying to set up a tax bill that will screw the poor and middle class. Paul also wants to try to destroy Obamacare so all those people who get screwed by the tax bill will have to suffer through that without healthcare. Paul’s neighbor didn’t do half enough damage. There were many more bones that needed to be broken.


Donald Trump had promised a big announcement after his trip to Asia. What the idiot in the White House actually had to say was that the countries he visited had all thrown him big parades. They understand that it’s just the way to get the attention of a mentally slow five year-old.


Nov 14 17

The Roy Moore Infection

by The Urban Curmudgeon


The big noise this week is the accusation against Steve Bannon’s candidate for the Senate, Alabama’s Roy Moore. The big question! Did he molest a 14 year old girl when he was 32? The big answer – no one cares, at least not most of the Alabama Republican voters who would vote for him even if he had raped and killed this girl because no degenerate is worse to those in that backward state than a Democrat.

It seems that the entire GOP in Alabama is gearing up to defend this child molester. Alabama County Chairman Jerry Pow says that he would vote for Moore even if he did what he is accused of doing because he couldn’t vote for a Democrat. Really? This asshole considers being a Democrat worse than being a degenerate child molester. Maybe his constituents should think twice about letting him meet their daughters.

Then there’s State Auditor, Jim Ziegler who felt inclined to point out that the Virgin Mary was a teenager when she conceived Jesus with Joseph who was then a mature carpenter. Well, for the benefit of this dumb shit that idiotically dredges up religion, it seems fit to point out that Joseph didn’t father Jesus. If you believe the bible, which is, after all what he’s referring to, God was Jesus father and Mary was still a virgin. Okay, I leave it to you to figure that one out. But you do remember the Bible, don’t you Jim. It’s that book, morons like you never read but that runs their lives. If you’re going to be a religious asshole you should at least be an informed one.

Marin County chairman David Hall doesn’t see anything wrong about a 32 year-old man getting it on with a 14 year-old girl. Yeah right! I’ll tell you right now, if some 32 year old clown comes walking up the path to pick up my 14 year old granddaughter, he better be wearing a bullet proof vest if he expects to get home.

The question you might ask is, what kind of eyes see the world this way? And why isn’t this point of view surprising? Well, at this point in history, it’s not surprising. We just voted for a President who bragged about grabbing women by the crotch. So it’s obvious that the men of Alabama, and states like it, don’t care if their women get molested.

This isn’t Moore’s first time at the plate for being a degenerate. He is a self stated racist, misogynist, homophobe and general creep about town. He has twice been kicked out of judgeships to which he was elected because he refused to abide by the constitution, thereby admitting that he cares nothing for anything that isn’t conjured up in his feeble, diseased brain.

And now we find that another woman has stepped forward and told of her attack by Moore when she was a teenager. Top that with the accusations by at least three employees of the Gadsden Mall that in the late 70’s and early 80’s Moore was banned from the mall over his penchant for harassing underage girls. One of the accusers was the mall security man a retired cop who explains that I wasn’t a legal ban but was known throughout the mall that everyone should be on the lookout for Moore who was in this 30’s at the time.

He’ll make a hell of a Senator.

But the problem isn’t Moore, he’s just one degenerate trying to get ahead, or maybe just get head. The problem is the people who elect him and scum like him. The problem is GOP politicians who defend this degenerate by telling us that the people want him and they don’t care what kind of a pig he is because they will take any Republican over any Democrat. The Bible of the Bible Belt, is assuredly that party trumps (no pun intended) conduct.

Joy Reid had good ole boy Katon Dawson on Saturday morning and he was telling it like the GOP believes it is. It’s all good, was his point, because the Repiglicans have managed to elect a majority of Senators, House members and the President, along with governors and local legislators. That means; it’s what the people of America want because that’s the way the people of America voted.

First of all; might doesn’t make right. But even if it did, the people of America didn’t vote that way. Trump lost the election by over 3 million votes. Our twisted electoral structure is responsible for our Presidential quandary and the fact that no one lives in most of the states that vote Republican is responsible for the bad balance in congress. As to the local elections; yes, Republicans hold more local seats than Democrats but that’s because there are more sparsely occupied states out in trailer park America than there are heavily occupied states along both coasts. We seem to elect our officials by square footage rather than individual vote and don’t even get me started on gerrymandering.

Take Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Colorado, Utah, North and South Dakota and add a couple more red states and you have close to 20 senate seats to the two that come from New York and yet the total number of voters in New York exceeds those of all the states mentioned. Does that make sense? Only if you’re a Republican!

Our electoral system, which has always bragged about; one man one vote, is pure unadulterated bullshit. If that were true, Clinton would be in the White House now and we would have a Democratic congress. That’s because most of the people in this country live on the coasts and the coasts vote Democratic or at least for the best candidate.

It seems to me it’s all about whether you have any morals at all or if the only thing you believe in is a political party. The latter seems to be the measuring stick in the Deep South. I come from New York City which has about a 90% Democratic voting public and yet the last mayor who served three terms was a Republican and the current mayor, a Democrat is the first of his majority party since Ed Koch back in the 70’s to get a second term. What does this mean to this discussion? Maybe that the voters here are intelligent enough to look at the man and not the party when they line up to vote and maybe that the voters in places like Alabama are too stupid to find out who they are actually voting for but leave it to a political party to make their choices for them. That’s how we got Trump and Bush. That’s why we are involved in two wars and looking at a third and that’s why our economy crashed n 2007. Maybe the dummies in those states that backed these two losers should look to other sources of information than a party that has traditionally lied to them about everything except its name. Maybe the voters of the Bible Belt should take notice and maybe they should throw their bibles away because it’s obvious from their choice of valueless candidates that they don’t read them.

I have never been much of a believer in organized religion. Always believed that the only intelligent thought that Carl Marx ever had was that religion was the opiate of the people. That seems to be much the case in the Bible Belt where people swear by their religion but don’t seem to vote along any line that demands the values to which those religions aspire.

There is something very wrong with people in this country who are willing to revile entertainers and athletes for the very same kind of unacceptable acts that they are willing to accept from politicians like the President or a man running for the Senate. The former entertain us. The latter make decisions that will affect our lives.

And what about the coverage of this event? Fox news covered Harvey Weinstein with hours of coverage but has yet to mention much about Roy Moore. That is the epitome of false news.

KellyAnne Conway was on This Week and made what appears to be the definitive statement about the Roy Moore situation when she said, “I denounce that conduct and if the allegations are true, he should step aside. If the allegations are true about a lot of people they should step aside.” She then added; “The conduct as described is not only offensive and disgusting, it disqualifies anyone who has done it from holding public office. So let me go a little step farther. If there’s anyone in public office who has behaved that way to any girl or any woman maybe they should step aside because in a country of 330 million people we ought o be able to do better than this.”

That is as clear and as truthful a statement as I have ever heard KellyAnne Conway make. This is a woman who normally lies and obfuscates all over the map, who invented “alternative facts.” But she is also a mother of three girls and maybe, just maybe she has finally spoken from the heart. If that’s true then the person best described in her little monologue is none other than the current President of the United States. It was, after all, Donald Trump bragging about his on actions, who described exactly the same behavior which KellyAnne denigrates.

He did this when he appeared on the Howard Stern show and bragged about how he wandered about in his beauty contest dressing rooms watching the young girls dress and undress and again on the infamous tape when he bragged about being able to grab women by “the pussy,” simply because he was a celebrity. So according to his own advisor, this slimy pig should leave office immediately.